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Coach David Cutcliffe

Guest SirJohn

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Guest SirJohn

NDNation has a good article on Coach Cut from the Inside Tennesse.com


Let me say first that I was impressed that Coach Weis considered Coach Cut for the ND position. A bit more so when I learned prior to the Pats Colts game that Peyton Manning called Coach Weise to urge him to hire Coach Cut.


I was floored when he left in March with the heart problem. Deeply impressed when he resigned so that he had time to recover and Coach Weis hire someone else. Coach Weis as always had a plan and moved Pawlus in and then hired Coach Vaas.


However briefly he stayed, I consider Coach Cut as part of the Notre Dame Fam.


In the article he made a few observations. Per recruiting, academic exceptions should be made at ND.


Coach Weis has since brought up the topic of talking to Admissions and saying 'Look I know this kids grades are border line but do you think he can make it?' And indeed in trying to recruit an Ohio boy slapped the kids transcript on the table remarking ND would not waste anymore time on him if his grades didn't improve.


Second, Notre Dame will be winning in 2-3 years when Coach Weis gets HIS kids in there.


This is not new as Coach Weis already stated that if he can't win it in 4 5 years he should be fired. Coach Polian alreasdy mentioned 2 years.


Third, (NOW) To be honest there is not enough depth there and speed there. They can win and be competitive.


Coach Weis has already stated we will be competitive.


Coach Cut, for awhile is Media people on radio.


Respecting him, my take on the above is he has been out of the program and not seen how Coach Weis and crew made adjustments.


The constant wail now is 'we are thin' You know it I know it and everyone knows it. Lack of speed? Sure I agree. Yet 'We have a speed Coach" as Coach Weis said. I'm sure that won't remarkably improve a players skill. Although I saw one player was asked to drop a bunch of pounds to improve his speed.


I am going with 'Competitive' and a bunch more in 2005. I disagree with Coach Cut mainly because as I say he has been out of the program and what he saw on film up to March was that old ND 2004 team. That 2004 team no longer exists.


Depth? "Plug and play." Speed? The D Coach crew has been working on it, switching players around and deciding on man to man here or zone?

We sure got the best coaching staff around.


The above are legitimate worries but the Coach Staff knows it better then anyone and is addressing the situation.


That leaves me with "What me worry?" :lol:

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Guest Snatchy_McPants

Alfred E. Newman couldn't have said it better. I really wish Cut could have stayed on, at least for a season or 2, but that's the past. I do appreciate that he still speaks positively about ND, and seems to have really gotten a good idea of what ND is all about.

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Guest SirJohn

Yes he is but most likely the only exception I'v made in "lets move on."


I do hope he is rememberd at ND for those few brief months. One nice gentlemen that had real ability. I wish him well..


There's some snippets around where Brady Quinn called Coach Cut when he was at ND as to what to watch for when the other Brady was leading the Pats on TV under Coach Weis. I do welcome Coach Vaas. As he said he had to jump off the bridge joining ND so late. :lol:

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