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Myron Rolle

Guest Champion10

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Guest Champion10

He is set to announce on sept 1st. While this may not directly affect ND it could effect ND recruits. personally i want Myron to go to either PSU,OU or FSU in that order


PSU if Myron were to choose them it seems the only person he could recruit to PSU would be Kates who seems to be an ND lean right now would probably

still go to ND


OU was the first team to offer him and would only effect Geralrd McCoy, George West, and Laron Moore. I still believe that West is ND bound and McCoy is up in the air.


FSU ND doesnt really recruit the same type of players, however I cant stand the FSU program and hope that they go down.


Michigan if Rolle goes to UM then Walls is ND bound however hew may recruit some other ND targets to UM like Sam Young, Toryan Smith, Butch Lewis, Alex Stadler, Daron Rose and Jeremiha Hunter among others. So I would really hate for him to go there


Miami he could recruit many of the same players that he could at Michigan including Richard Jackson who is a big time receiver and playmaker. like FSU I personally dont care for Miami.


UF I do not want him to go here for many reasons. 1# he would go to Urban Meyer 2# he could recruit aton of the same players i have mentioned above as well as Riley Cooper, Daniel Wegner and many others



thats my 2 cents on the subject.

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Guest Snatchy_McPants

With all that in mind, let's just hope he's a TERRIBLE recruiter. Seriously though, wherever he goes, I hope it creates a domino effect sending other db's (namely WALLS) in ND's direction.

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