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Another great Weis quote

Guest Irish19

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Guest Irish19

During practice, Weis was adressing the team. In the background of the video you could hear players talking amongst themselves. To demand respect from the team, Weis countered with"


"Hey! Shutup when I am talking! Some of you young guys better realize the only way you will get your a$$ on the field is through special teams so you better take today's practice seriously!"


I love it! I would put my life savings on the fact that I could guarantee that Ty didn't demand respect like Weis does.

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Guest SirJohn

Gret Irish19 about Weis


If anybody knows the answer to this let me know.


I only saw the still pix of practice. It seemed to me that there's alot more new practice equipment/machines etc in the background the players are using.


I'm not sure because last year all I did was read what was being ground out in Ty interviews and it was painful enough for me I hadn't the heart to look at pix.

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Guest Snatchy_McPants

It does seem that there is a lot of new equipment. I would assume that's correct because if the university was writing checks for the GUG, what's a couple grand for some new equipment while they're at it? Another thing I've notice from the pics is that EVERYONE seems to be in incredible shape. The lineman have got some serious guns going on, and Zibby looks ripped up.

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