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Computer Class

Guest Ryan

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I am taking a computer class which I'm in right now. So I can be on sometime between 1:30 and 2:20 on weekdays now :) .


But I gotta go, they're giving us a project.

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Guest SirJohn

:D That's super Boss.


Coach me on computers. My mouse pinter jumps around if I'm typing and get an IM all hell breaks loose and I forget what the hell was the spelling on last topic.


I'm way behind...How would you like to be in these shoes? I would have a computer glitch and whine to my sister. I would call Dell support and struggle a week with crap results. She would send over her son "Jimmie the Geek." He would sit here and in less then 2 minutes fix the WHOLE THING. Ask...Any other problem?


Makes me feel stupid.


Then, this is true. Right after college last year he got a job in Japan on super computers doing Japanese Animi for a year with his girlfriend too. I find out he has a week off now and is going to China to see the Great Wall.

(Silent whimpering. I went to Canada twice.) Study those computers.


Sir John

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