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Advice to Coach Weis (GASP!)

Guest SirJohn

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Guest SirJohn

Choaking here. (Advice?)


Coach Weis needs advice? Coach I don't want to give you any advice. Your way ahead of all of us. But....


Ummm.. Look down this way a Football and any Coach is supplimenting his big salary doing these TV commercials.


Ummm..I hope you haven't. Or if you did let the contracts just lapse. These booster are gonna toss money at you to do something of that nature.


Can you forego all that? I mean to me, myself alone it harms your image.


Down this way I have our B Ball coach and Football coach on TV hawking spme used car guys junk, e

Excuse me I meant Pre Owned) , Pizza, a food chain, dry cleaners and you would not believe all they do. These guys get big bucks from a school to go jerk off on TV?


Honestly coach even if you touted some car I'm not buying it. Pizza? Forget it I'm picky. The last time I dry cleaned anything of mine was a straw broom on the back porch in the sun.


I'm just trying to save you from falling in with the big heap of crap coaches around. I feel your exceptional and want you to stay that way.


Sir John

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