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question for the board to answer about our secondary

Guest Irishmac1988

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Guest Irish19

Who I think:

CB Richardson and Wooden

S Ndukwe and Zbikowski


Who I want:

CB Richardson and Lambert

S Vernaglia (If not in the Apache) and Zbikowski

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Guest IrishTobey

What about Hedgemon?? No one is talking about him and if memory serves he was very highly recruited kid. I think he is eligible agian. I also read an article that Jabbie is telling people that a starting position is his to lose. If we do play alot of nickle I think Zibby and Duke will be safety's and then Richardson and Jabbie will be the starting corners but I think we'll see alot of Lambert, Ferroine, Wooden and Hedgemon. Wow, this thread makes me realize how woefully thin ND is in the secondary. Lets hope they stay healthy. Heres my starting def. for what it's worth (assuming) they play a 4-2-5


D-line Laws, Landri, Abiramiri, and Stephenson JR (possibly Talley)

LB- Mays and Hoyte

safety- Zibby and Duke

DB's Richardson, Jabbie, and Hedgemon (I just have a feeling about LaBrose Hedgemon)

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Guest SirJohn

Minter said around Blue/gold Game defense had to use 4-3, that's maybe to cover up other ideas? OK a 4-3 crumbles under the spread. That means variations of 3 3 5. Lewis is the expert on the end there.


The Coach Weies disguises weaknesses and I'm really left wondering what the heck? The team will be a total surprise no matter how low they rate us or overlooked our guys are


Surely the secondary was inept under inept coaches last year...I think unless someone is using a walker in the backfield that's changed.


But defense has been my personal question.


Sir John

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