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Guest SirJohn

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Guest SirJohn

Good game Texas 41 USC 38 as you all know by now and need no update.


I kept notes of ABC 's Old Keith Jackson....retire the guy.


Discussion they used Heli's to dry out the field after all that rain. "It's 5/8ths grass......wouldn't work at Notre Dame." Keith come on retire willya? :D


Keith "THe kick is good" Other guy.... ' No it was wide right."


"I'm watching in binoculars." Keith get a better seat. And I would think with binoculars you could really see better? Just an Idea I want to throw out to the ABC executives. :D


Keith>>> "Being behind is not a new experience for USC." Hey what? :D


One run by Texas Vince Keith said " Vince tripped on the grass." Hey Keith I thought it was 5/8ths?"


Can ABC get a brain up in the booth not some moron?

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Guest Champion10

All I know is that Vince Young has a TON of talent(and Keith jackson comments are pretty lame, I mean sometimes its as if he wasnt watching the game).

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Guest IrishTobey

Keith Jackson might as well wear a USC sweatshirt and hat when he calls thier games. It's pretty obvious. Keith and Dan did the Oklahoma/Oregon game and it was pretty obvious who they favored. they are Pac 10 all the way.

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