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From Bucknuts a popular OHIO State site. (excerpt)




Babb's Bits: Was Weis Serious Or Joking?



Charlie Weis By Charles Babb


Date: Jan 1, 2006


Notre Dame coach Charlie Weis raised some eyebrows at Fiesta Bowl media day when he made comments comparing his Super Bowl ring to the national championship rings won by OSU coach Jim Tressel.


Much has been made of the comments of Notre Dame coach Charlie Weis at the Fiesta Bowl media day.


The Columbus Dispatch reported, “when asked which was more impressive, Weis’ four Super Bowl rings or Jim Tressel’s five national championship rings, the Irish coach raised his hand, motioned to the Super Bowl ring on his finger and said, "This one is bigger than all five of his put together."


There seem to be two possible explanations to this quote:


* Weis was referring to both the size and monetary value of the ring. Given the size of his paws in comparison to Tressel’s that one ring is probably at least as large as two of Tressel’s title rings put together. Further, the NFL spends on obscene amount on their championship rings to ensure it is among the most gaudy and tacky pieces of jewelry ever known to man. The sheer weight of that ring alone would be enough to anchor a hot air balloon.


* Weis’ ego is completely out of control and illustrates a lack of respect for the accomplishments of everyone else and even the college game as a whole. To imply a single NFL championship gained as an assistant coach is better than winning five national championships as a head coach borders on lunacy. It is also tantamount to spitting in the eye of his current peers; if the NFL is the only place where they really play football then Weis should end his self-imposed stint in purgatory and get back to heaven as soon as possible. Why waste time amongst amateurs when greatness is calling?


I’m not certain which one of those two options this one is, but those who like Weis seem to be sticking with the former while those who don’t are clutching to the former.




Now Babbs I want a few slings at you here. You imply not a joke?


BABBS Methinks your BABBLING. In your BABBLE I remind you of Coach Weis Ego in always putting team before himself. "Let's talk about the team not Charlie Weis." NBC pays ND 9 million bucks ( I know those BUCKS burn Ohio State Bucks) yet he will walk away from a NBC reporter to got to Navy Alma Mater with his team.


Don't say "EGO" about our Coach, even I would wish talk about himself some. This is Pass Right, Navy as I said and from an exerpt in Slam Sports over an Eddie Robinson award said


I'll accept the award, but on behalf of the University of Notre Dame, not on behalf of Charlie Weis," he said.


He praised the school for providing him with the means to be successful.


"It all started after they hired me," Weis said, "giving me the resources to go hire what I feel was the best group of assistant coaches. Those guys, together with me, I thought, provided some pretty good guidance for a great group of kids who really stepped up and had an admirable year."



I didn't sense any ego in there BABBS.


Come on Ohio's rings well I am happy for you. The fact of the matter is BABBS a Super Bowl ring does mean more to a kid. They mostly want to play on Sundays.


Good Lord BABBS how many Bowls are there? Do those rings matter? There was a story not long ago that an ND player put his Insight Bowl ring up on E Bay from 2004. He just didn't want the darn thing.


Glad your Coach and players have NC rings. I hope ours will win some. I suggest you discuss your whole column with some one who won a College Base Ball Championship, perhaps a Minor league then beats the Yankies in the SERIES.


Until then Babble on Babbs. :roll:

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