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From Chicago Sun Times

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Weis runs into old Notre Dame buddy Golic


December 31, 2005





TEMPE, Ariz. -- Charlie Weis was in mid-sentence Friday telling reporters about his favorite bowl trip to the 1978 Cotton Bowl during his time as a student at Notre Dame when he suddenly spotted a familiar face in the crowd.


''Hey Golic, how are you doing?'' Weis said.


Bob Golic, who does a talk show for an Akron, Ohio, radio station and works for a Cleveland TV station, was a linebacker and leading tackler on that Fighting Irish team that beat top-ranked Texas 38-10 in that Cotton Bowl to win the national championship.


''One of the reasons we won that game was the guy right behind, who you don't even know,'' Weis said. ''That day his job was to mirror Earl Campbell wherever he went, and he just dogged him all day.''


At the end of the 45-minute news conference, Golic and Weis were needling each other.


''You talk about '77 quite a bit and every time you mention it you talk about beer,'' Golic said.


''That's because I used to watch you and admire how someone could play and still live the life that you've lived,'' Weis said. ''Do you want me to keep going? Do you want me to take some real shots here?''


''No, because I still have pictures,'' Golic said.


''Well I've got video,'' Weis said.


''You win,'' Golic said.


The two lived in the same dorm. Although Weis had no connection with the football team, many of the players knew him, Golic said.


''It was just a lot of fun,'' Golic said. ''He was a big part of it with all the guys.''


IN THE FAMILY: Brady Quinn's sister, Laura, a Cal State Los Angeles student who wants to be a television reporter, interviewed her boyfriend, Ohio State linebacker A.J. Hawk, during Friday's media day at Sun Devils Stadium. Her questions were about Hawk playing her brother.


''The closer the game gets the more nervous I'm getting, so I was wondering if there's any way you cannot hit or sack him?'' she asked.


Hawk chuckled for a second, then said: ''I don't know. We'll see what happens in the game. Hopefully not.''


''Well, you do want my parents to approve of you, right?'' she asked.


''Yeah, but I don't think they would respect me if I just laid down and not play hard,'' Hawk said.


''That's a really good point,'' she said.


Quinn then asked Hawk how he would feel if she rooted for Notre Dame.


''I'd be happy. I think you should root for your brother,'' Hawk said. ''We have plenty of fans for our team.''


''Don't tell Brady, but I'm cheering for you,'' Quinn said.


After the interview was over, Quinn admitted she told her brother she would be rooting for him.


''I'm going to be torn the entire game,'' she said.



QUICK HITS: Defensive end Chris Frome, who suffered a season-ending knee injury against USC in October, was sent home from the Fiesta Bowl for violating an unspecified team rule. He was not expected to play Monday.


*Notre Dame is in first place in the third set of fall sports standings released by the Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics. The Irish have 355 points based on their third-place finish in men's cross-country, seventh-place in women's cross-country, a quarterfinal appearance in women's soccer, a third-round appearance in men's soccer and their regional semifinal appearance in women's volleyball. The fall standings will be updated after the bowl games. Stanford is in second with 282 points.

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