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ND to Texas Bowls

Guest SirJohn

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Guest SirJohn



I am not a fan of these BCS fatcats and do feel sometime despite their power the NCAA will rip it all away from them.


AD White at ND took a big hit with this new BCS deal. I recall that I too was negative as were media and fans.


Somewhere above the "Mini Bowl" Idea came in. It was quickly overlooked.


Stitting here I'm thinking White and the current Administration at ND have been playing Master Level chess while others play checkers and we are all left in the dust.


Say we get nowhere near the BCS cutoff this year.


OK! We go to Texas with a huge Catholic market where ND pulls. Not to mention all over the country. We get a nice team for an opponent. I bet you a buck Nielson ratings make any but National Champion game look sick.


A good way of looking at it is. You got the kid with the football mad at you so he picked it up and took it home with him. You need ND we do not need you. :D :D :D :D :D



Sir John

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Guest Snatchy_McPants

Unfortunately, there is just no end in sight to all the BCS madness. Every season that continues to operate under the Cluster....frick that is the BCS is another nail in the coffin. That being said, the money is still there and the Irish still have a better than average chance of making it into one of the bowls every year. If we have to live under these "rules" we may as well cash in, right? I'll take a bowl win this year no matter how we get it. Sun Bowl? sure. Insight Bowl? take it. Rose Bowl? That's where we'll be!

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Guest SirJohn

I dunno? I read a ND player put his last 'Bowl Ring' on E bay because he was ashamed of it.


What is it 21 Bowls? The thing is silly and meaningless as it is. Picture a player sitting in a bar. "That's a nice Bowl ring on your hand son which bowl? Si,r that's the Tostito, Frito, salsa and Insight ring."


I think the corporate money will eventually evaporate the NCAA step in and change the picture.

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