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Recruitin info from SI

Guest SirJohn

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Guest SirJohn

This comes from SI. :roll:


They rank ND #4 in recruiting behind Texas, Georgia and Florida.


SI mentions 14 ND players by name as quality. :roll:

James Aldredge, Munir Prince,Luke Schmidt, Richard Jackson, Rob Parris, Chris Stewart, Eric Olsen, Bartley Webb, Darrin Walls, Raeshon McNeil, Sergio Brown, Jashaad Gains, Leonard Gordon and Zach Frazer.


SI ranks Zach #9 QB in the nation.


Under SI's top 10 not commited are Smith, Harvin, Johnson, Hazeton, Schilling, Spiller and Bradford not interested in ND or rather I should say Notre Dame and Charlie Weis is not interested in them. :)


Left are 3 as possible Notre Dame. Sam Young, Gerald McCoy and Mich Mustain. SI puts as I would a big? after Mustain. As what would that do to our early commit Zach and cause a ripple effect. I think eliminate Mustain completely myself from ND consideration this late in the game.


A Florida writer whom I do respect mentioned per recruiting only 15 of say 25 recruits will be of any good. He also stated what Coach Weis said that it is difficult to project what any of these kids can be contributing some 2, 3 or 4 years down the road. In here I note that even if I respect this writers knowledge he himself is playing a guessing game.


This is Weis choosing these recruits and not even Carrol, Spurrier, Cutcliffe or JoePa. Somehow I feel he has the edge in all those respected coaches knowledge.

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Guest SirJohn

I'd be remiss if I didn't include an interesting list from NDN at link below on some of our recruits. There appears to be no consensus among sources exactly who is ranked where.


From a scan it does appear that if you commit early by around August or so, your 'worth' falls rapidly. That sources will lose interest in you and there is no hype. This is a warning that IF as projected ND is on the way to a super Junior class right now by these sources, by December 2006 it just might stink by the same souces.


Charlie and Company appear to want kids to commit early and getting more that way every day. That would mean if we got say 15 of 25 by August-September, they would be listed low by sources come 2006 despite how they feel now.


Case in point is a favorite of mine Zach Frazer. Now I have never seen the kid play, not a film. He is a favorite because I know Coach Weis and Coach Cutcliffe sat down and each seperately viewed 200 films of different QB's. Coach Weis needs no explanation on his ability to choose a QB. As he said about hiring Coach Cut. "His success with the Mannings.." Shows his ability. So "favorite" comes from that fact.


I can't see any "expert" taking the time to view 200 films running let's call it 30 minutes each, of one guy. Coach Weis and Cut were involved deeply so they did. Each chose Zach seperately.


That is to say Zach's mechanics are super. He sees the field well and makes good decisions. Translated that becomes, when he arrives at ND to play there is less we have to teach him and start all over from scratch.


It's no secret Zach's top receivers graduated and that affected his ability 2005. Here I have to insert just how good would Heismen winner Lineart be without those receivers? If you wish how good would Brady be if Samar, Fasano etc were gone?


Throw in as well, an opposing coach saying 'Oh that kid was hot stuff as a Junior, I'm going to double team him, key in and make life miserable for him this year.'






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