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Discussions lead to arguments.....


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we all know that. So I will be the first one to blow off an aimed comment. We can sit here typing until we are blue in the face. ND fans will not convince OSU fans that ND will win and vice-versa. OSU fans can scream all they want about their under-rated offense. ND fans can scream all they want about how our defense has made key stops or turnovers. ND offense vs OSU defense, great! OSU offense vs ND defense, great! We have two common opponents from this season. Both of which are a great starting point of discussion. None of these have really been tackled. ND vs MSU, ND vs UM, OSU vs MSU and OSU vs UM. Statistically speaking ND and OSU's outcome of the bowl can be gauged on these 4 common games. There are some differences, but for the most part they are similar. ND is 1-1 and OSU is 2-0. The final Ws are OSU's for sure, but let's take a deeper look into what has been performed. This is a great match-up and I'm sure it's a much better match-up than, say....an OSU vs Oregon bowl game. All ducks aside, let's get real and express what we truly believe about this game. The hand-shaking and hugging are over.


I would like to start off by putting aside some stupid points that have been beaten to death, EVERYWHERE! Now, scarlet, I'm not saying this to tee you off, buddy. So chill!


Put aside this:


OSU offense is under-rated. No matter how under-rated (ie...somewhat, very, mostly, etc).


We both cheer for the teams. I don't go around saying I'm a ND offense fan. And I'm sure OSU fans don't go around saying they are OSU defense fans. So squash the over-rated bull. By the way, ND fans, I have yet to hear ONE SINGLE OSU fan say something along the lines of, "Dang, I wish WE had Brady". OSU fans believe in Troy and will not give him up for nothing. And we all know deep down that BQ is the better QB and deep down (NOT ALL, but I can guess there's a whole hell of a lot of you OSU fans who won't claim it) OSU fans have entertained the thought of Brady thowing the ball with a scarlet and gray jersesy donned.


Is this a bold statement? Say what you want....we all know better.

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Guest SirJohn

Well in chats.............I am told they have a great Defense over and over. They tend not to mention the Ofeense. I just always say Notre Dame has a better TEAM. I doo get tired of "The best offense is a good defense." I think Charlie can exploit and pick any apart. :)

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