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Lemming off base?

Guest SirJohn

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Guest SirJohn

Lemming was on CSTV recently:


One of the phone in calls was about Did Notre Dame make a mistake taking so many recruits early in the year? Lemming stated yes and that there were at least four that if not taken then would not be offered now, all this prior to ND's success on the field.


I have to differ with Lemming an 'expert' in recruiting. Also known as a ND shill at times. I am going by simple facts that we know of and statements and actions by our Coaching staff. A point to be made first is Lemming is running 119 Division 1 schools and God knows how many players 25 allowed X 119 and if you tell me he can judge all of those I say hogwash.


There is no more "inside" information with Weis. If Lemming or another ever had their foot in the door with a coach prior. He's on crutches now.


Recruiting experts and Mags we do need. But Weis stated he seldom reads one. "Wadda they know?" Is what he said about experts. All the experts and even our Coaches are subjective decisions.


That is say Coach Weis saying. "I like this kid." He has something the Coach sees and others do not. 1 star 2 stars 3 star 4 stars or 5 stars.


Again I remind readers Weis has just promised to go anywhere and look at any kid. Which means as well kids that fly under the radar and not pumpped up by big town newspapers or mags.


Two great QB Coaches Weis and Cutcliffe examined 200 films of QB's both independently chose Zach Fraser.

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