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storied? yes, both are storied......


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WARNING! Change of tone occurs!


others just keep coming up with stories. James Deluca wrote the piece of work for the preview ( ) of next months bowl game pitting our irish against the buckeyes. the buckeyes have had a wonderful run of seasons and the irish have not. they have won the most recent championship of the two teams (2002 season) against the Hurricanes. Since OSU's 1968 Championship, they have won only the 2002 title. Since OSU's 1968 Championship, ND has won 3. OSU has had a better decade than ND, of course, and proves to be one of the top programs of the nation year in and year out in the recent few years. OSU has Woody and the likes and ND has Knute and the likes. OSU = 5 NCs. ND = 11 NCs. OSU = #5 in winningest teams, ND = #2 (1/100th of a percentage) behind the common rival, Michigan. OSU = 6 Heisman winners, ND=7 Heisman winners. Both teams recruit nationally, with ND currently ranked #3 in recruiting, nationally and OSU ranked #12 nationally. Alot of great talent comes from the state of ohio and both teams pursue these players pretty hard. The two teams have meet 4 times in history, with the series tied at 2-2. OSU has the more recent wins (1995-96) and ND ran the table in 60 years earlier in 1935-36. (The original game of the century pitted these two teams together). ND fans are considered very arrogant, and OSU fans are considered just the same, if not worse. Not all, but surely not just a handful either. OSU's bowl games in the last decade are impressive, ND has yet to win one. OSU has found success in Jim Tressel and ND has the newly hired Charlie Weis. OSU poses a very defensive threat, ND poses a very serious offensive threat. OSU's defense is tops, ND's isn't. ND's offense is tops, OSU's isn't.


All in all, this is a very good match-up with ND considered the under-dog. Notre Dame has alot to prove to the college football world still, even after being coached very well after a .500 season, with the previous coaching staff. OSU brings a very hefty Fiesta Bowl experience with them and will practically be the home team. Notre Dame has flopped like a fish out of water in bowl games and will have all of the odds against them. Is OSU the better team? I truly doubt it. While their fans claim them to be far more superior to ND, they are still another planet away from UT and USC this season and belong in such a bowl game. I'm getting the impression that OSU fans think that playing ND is a cupcake game. That ND isn't good enough to rumble with their boys. That their loss to #2 and #3 far outweigh ND's losses to MSU and USC. The record shows 9-2 for both teams and I'm not very impressed with the Big 10 anyway, even with the loss to MSU. The Irish played an MSU team that had something going and the Irish had a little something going at that point of the season, but didn't quite know what it as going to be. Believe me, OSU fans. Your team is good, but you're not great. Our team is good and is becoming great. While you stick your nose high and look down on the Irish, cracking your little jokes about how bad we've been and how Charlie Weis has yet to play a "college bowl game", we Irish fans sit back and embrace the fact that we are on the up and coming again. This time, there will be no slack. There will be no blowouts by our opponents. There will be added championship titles and your team will have just that much more to catch up to. A recent decade of imperfection is nothing in the time of Irish story. Take away the four 4 or more loss seasons out of the 10 years and you've had 6 years of success in the last 10 years. That's only one season better than ND. I'm not really sure how the Big 10 gauges their success, but the success seems rather saturated to me. Like I said, your team is good, but not great. As far as I'm concerned, YOUR team has much more on the line and much more to prove than ND.

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I have this feeling that us Irish fans aren't expecting much from ND and that OSU is some great friggin' team and we should be happy we are playing a good team. This is crap! OSU isn't that great and we are becoming great. Let's rise up and tell the OSU arrogant (not all OSU fans are jerks.... :wink: ) to shut the hell up and that their time is over. They had their chance to become the top team in the nation and run their dynasty, but they didn't! Let's get our Irish rolling and end this friggin' "storied" program. NOW!!!


Go Irish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Guest domehead

amen to that...That is exactly how the O$U fans are taking this upcoming bowl game..that they are going to waltz through it..little do they know what the IRISH have in store for CW 1 week to prepare is one thing ...give him a month..yikes. We are the IRISH and the IRISH are great.

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Guest SirJohn

You make a point imroc. I'm not sure how the average ND fan feels about the game so lets ask the reader? How do you feel about this game?


I see simply we should not worry about any team we schedule or play.

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