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Irish Stewing

By Tony Gerdeman


I know that I don’t speak for all Ohio State fans when I say that people just need to stop whining about Notre Dame getting an automatic bid for being in the Top 6 of the BCS poll. If there wasn’t a Top 6 stipulation for mid-majors, then we’d never be able to see a Utah or a Memphis or an Arkansas State or a Notre Dame in the BCS.


What the BCS has done is given teams that aren’t good enough to belong to a BCS conference an opportunity to show that they belong. And I’m sure that Notre Dame will be trying to prove that they are every bit the football power that Utah is. If there weren’t a Top 6 stipulation, then Notre Dame would be relegated to the Gator Bowl on NBC every year.


Don’t get me wrong, the Gator Bowl is a good bowl. It’s a New Year’s Day bowl game, after all. The problem is that it’s basically the rich man’s Humanitarian/MPC Computers Bowl in Boise, Idaho. Just like the MPC Computers Bowl is intended for Boise State every year, the Gator Bowl is intended for Notre Dame every year. The Gator Bowl is basically the old Humanitarian Bowl with racing stripes and power windows....


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