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Weis out Recruiting

Guest SirJohn

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Guest SirJohn

From the Charlotte (Carolina).com Observer:


How the heck did Weis get to Charlotte Carolina all of a sudden? :D Magic carpet?

Once again important information on Charlies personality. Near the end of this article you can see along with his 'testiness' of TV announcers he does not care how important a benifactor you are or how important you as a kid recruit think you are. I'd wager to say 2006 anyone holding out on a decision till late December is toast in his book. :D What a guy.



Irish keep Weis' schedule full



First-year Notre Dame football coach Charlie Weis awoke before 6 a.m. on a rainy Monday in his hotel room in uptown Charlotte. For the next nine hours, he talked on the telephone -- making and receiving 44 calls, many of them to recruits -- until he told his secretary back in South Bend, Ind., he'd had enough. Then he sat on a dais with the five Bronko Nagurski Award nominees, showing them a Super Bowl ring he won as an assistant with the New England Patriots. Before Weis -- who continues a recruiting trip today in New York before heading to Detroit and Orlando, Fla., -- gave the keynote speech at the Nagurski banquet, he spoke with Observer reporter David Scott.


Q. After spending 15 seasons as an NFL assistant, what do you miss most about the pros?


I don't miss anything, other than the personal relationships I have. Football is football. I don't look at Notre Dame any differently than I did the NFL. It's a business, not just a game. There are a lot of different components and it should be run accordingly.


Q. Do you think Texas can beat Southern California -- which beat Notre Dame 34-31 in October -- for the national title?


You're talking to the wrong guy about that. We went into that game expecting to win, not to lose by three points. You see USC's (offensive) numbers and I don't know how many times in college football those kinds of numbers are going to come up again. But, interestingly enough, Texas has similar firepower.


Q. Notre Dame is in the Bowl Championship Series (the Fiesta Bowl against Ohio State). Your thoughts on the BCS system?


We have other bowls that are the benefactors of that. There are a number of bowls that have great football teams because of the way this has played out.


Q. You're close friends with Panthers coach John Fox. Will you see him while you're in Charlotte? Right after this is over with. Our wives and families became friends when he was with the Giants and I was with the Jets. We'd go down to the Jersey shore, but now we've got a place at the beach in South Carolina and John and (wife) Robin come down. We've got a golf tournament and this year he might bring all the troops with him.


There are only a couple of guys I haven't coached with whom I consider close friends: John and (Philadelphia's) Andy Reid are at the top of the list.


Q. You were in the area on Sunday. Did you go to the Panthers-Falcons game? I don't go anywhere near those things.


Q. What's been your most rewarding off-the-field accomplishment at Notre Dame? The program was in a bit of disarray when I got there. I'm not blaming anyone. That was the state of the union. But being an alum, and pulling everybody back in a short amount of time makes you feel good.


Q. Biggest adjustment to being a head coach? You have to wear a bunch of hats, but I have no problem saying no. Therefore I might not be making a bunch of friends. If, for example, a practice is closed and they want to bring in every benefactor known to mankind, the answer is no. This isn't a dog-and-pony show. The practice is closed.


Q. What did you learn most from your years serving under Bill Parcells and Bill Belichick? Treat every game as its own separate entity. Don't treat it as an 11- or 12-week stretch. It's a bunch of one-week entities.


Q. In recruiting, what doors does being the coach at Notre Dame open for you? We're not regional; we recruit nationally. You have to be able to read and write, be a good kid and be able to play -- but wherever they are, we'll find them. There are a lot of prospects that had a wait-and-see approach with us, to see if we could up back up what we were saying (with a 9-2 record). Notre Dame is still Notre Dame.

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Guest SirJohn

Recruting is of big interest here in DD and all the Irish fans. I know no coach is working as hard as our coach. He sure isn't golfing, fishing or country clubbing.


Here is what I have been able to piece together of his movements since November 26 and Stanford game. Where it is doubtful is a ?


November 26 Coach Weis at Stanford game.

November 27 Coach Weis recruiting in California.

November 28 Coach Weis recruiting California, other West coast states?

November 29 ??

November 30 ??

December 01 Coach presser at South Bend

December 02 ??

December 03 ??

December 04 Seems to say he is in North Carolina recruiting. Also on

TV for 5PM BCS Bowl selection.

December 05 In Charolette and above interview. Enroute New York

December 06 NY


Yet to go

December 07 Detroit?

December 08 Detroit? Orlando Fla?


December 10 1st Saturday workout/practice scheduled, back at South Bend?

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Guest SirJohn

I have a question for all DD recruiters and anyone into recruiting.


I realised from the Weis article above that after New York Coach flys to Detroit. I have been checking all listed players ND might be interested in. I can find none in Detroit or Michigan at all unless there is a sleeper flying under the radar? Is ND interested in anyone there?


I realise a flight from NY to Detroit might just be airport hubs. That there could be a short plane hop to a surrounding city or state not serviced by NY flights. Wich might mean somebody else outside Detroit and/or Michigan.

With Wenger commiting today it would mean the Florida trip listed is for OL Young and some Juniors.

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Guest SirJohn

Bluster, that has to be my guess. Juniors. I meant only there is no current 2006 player we want in Michigan that I know of. So it's either just Juniors he wants out that way or he is using the Detroit Airport to hop or drive to a near by state???????? for a 2006 guy. Carufel's in Min but?????

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Guest Champion10
there aren't any juniors in the detroit, toledo area?



I know that there is a DT that Weis wants from Detroit(2007 class) his name is Joseph Barksdale





and Ronald Johnson(top CB in the nation for 2007) is in Michigan.



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Guest SirJohn

Your on a roll Champ :D OK that's two 2007 guys. :D Quick as Champ Coach Weis :) That's what I meant I knew of no 2006 that area and zip 2007. So now that's two 2007 guys to watch. Mark this post of yours Champ we may need it come next September and all this starts full blast.

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Guest SirJohn

Some of the Orlando visit by Weis might not be on recruiting 100%. News account today is Jeff Samaardzija is getting the Biletnikoff award for top receiver in the nation, as a Junior. Awards will be on ESPN tonight. This fairly well coincides with Weis recruiting schedule to fly to Orlando.


A bit more on our Coach doing severl jobs at once. Attend the awards backing your top receiver, being seen by audience and TV viewers. Getting Notre Dame recruiting exposure just being there before even visiting some player for 2006 or 07.

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Guest SirJohn

Alan Page and John Haurte were inducted in the Hall of fame at the Wadorf in New York December 6th. This explains one of the reasons Coach was in New York at that time. Presumably recruiting as well.

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