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Buckeyes Presser on Notre Dame game

Guest SirJohn

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Guest SirJohn

From Ohio State Official Presser




Football Quotes (Dec. 4, 2005)


Buckeyes accept invitation to 2006 Tositos Fiesta Bowl


Director of Athletics, Gene Smith


Dec. 5, 2005


Gene Smith, Ohio State Director of Athletics

"First of all, I would like to thank the Fiesta Bowl board of directors for extending us an invitation to their game. We are excited to represent the Big Ten , go to Tempe and play a good Notre Dame team. I would like to congratulate our players, especially our seniors. We had a great season with a Big Ten championship. I would also like to thank the fans. I know they helped turn the minds of the Fiesta Bowl board because we do travel so well. We are very excited to go."


On facing Notre Dame

"They are a team like the Ohio State University with history, tradition and success. They play the sport of football and we want to play in games against those teams. I feel the same way about USC and Texas. It is a great opportunity for our young men to play the best. Let's rock and roll and get it done."


On going to the Fiesta Bowl three of the last four years

"That was talked about and it was a concern. The Buckeye fans travel well and follow the teams. In that regard, the board knew we would have thousands following the team to Arizona. The players are just as excited going there to play Notre Dame this year."


Jim Tressel, Head Coach

"We're proud of our seniors. We are happy with the fact that we get the chance to play in a BCS bowl. We're happy to get the chance to go back to the Fiesta Bowl and play a team like Notre Dame and it should present a great challenge. We should be ready for the game we couldn't be happier."


On Charlie Weis, Notre Dame head coach

"The whole staff has done a great job, I think Tyrone Willingham did a great job bringing in some great players. We haven't seen them too much except getting ready for Michigan and Michigan State."


On getting into the Fiesta Bowl

"It is a great opportunity and I think one of the things that helped us was our strength of schedule. This year's seniors will look back and think about the great players in some great games."



On what comes to mind at the mention of Notre Dame

"Well, I think about Joe Theisman and of course Gene Smith (a 1977 UND graduate). They are a classy team and a tough team. We can't wait to get out there (to Tempe, Ariz.). It should be a great game."


Nick Mangold, senior, center

On the game

"I can't wait to get out there and play Notre Dame. I can't wait to get out in that dry heat it should be a great game."


On Notre Dame

"All I have seen of them is the Southern California game where if Matt Leinart doesn't fumble out of bounds then Notre Dame wins."


Nate Salley, senior, free safety

On being in the Fiesta Bowl for the third time in four years

"Well I'm comfortable out there. It is almost like a second home for us. I'm very excited that it is where I'm going to play my last game."


On the game

"We're very excited. These are two storied schools that have had some very close games this season and if a few things turn out different this could be the national title game."


Rob Sims, senior, offensive tackle

On his last game

"I think the world of Notre Dame. This is going to be a huge game. I could not think of a better way to end my career here at Ohio State."


On Tempe

"Well I think that the people out there just fell in love with us. We have been out there a few times now. I just can't wait to get back out there."


Anthony Schlegel, senior, middle linebacker

On game

"These are two great teams and I think that we are both on such a high level the game should be fun."


On Ohio State playing in the Fiesta Bowl again

"I think that is overrated. I have never been out there and a team is only as good as how it handles success and failure. We have both bounced back from some tough losses."


A.J. Hawk, senior linebacker

On going to the Fiesta Bowl for the third time in four years

"I loved going to the Fiesta Bowl and I'll gladly go back there. I'm definitely not disappointed to make it there again and that we get to play Notre Dame is even better."


On playing Notre Dame

"It's special to have two teams of this caliber playing each other. It's a huge game. It's only the fifth time in the program's history that we've played them. It is a privilege to play in a game this big and in a BCS game. We had tough times early in the season, but we kept our heads in the game and have earned the opportunity to play in the Fiesta Bowl."


"When you come to Ohio State, you want to play against the best. We played some of the best this season and Notre Dame is no different. I'm excited to get in there and have our defense face their offense. It will be a great match-up with so much talent on the field."


Bobby Carpenter, senior linebacker

On leg injury suffered in the Michigan game

"I felt my leg get stuck in the turf after I got bent back. I twisted it around a bit and I could feel it breaking. I was able to avoid surgery, so that is something good."


On playing status for the Fiesta Bowl

"When I get down there I'm going to try to jog around and see if my leg is any better. I'm just looking to focus on getting healthy and helping the team and James (Laurinaitis) prepare. If the doctors say I can play, I will play, but for now I'm just helping the young guys."


Nick Mangold, senior center

On playing Notre Dame in the Fiesta Bowl

"I'm looking forward to it. Notre Dame is a great program and playing in this game will be something special. Their tradition adds to the fact this is a great game. It will be another memory added to the list of great things that have happened this season. It's a great opportunity and I can't wait to start watching film and eventually playing the game."


Mike Kudla, senior defensive end

On preparing for Notre Dame

"We are going to take it one day at a time. We will have to be mentality prepared and focused for Norte Dame. They are a storied program with great tradition."


Richelle Simonson, Associate Athletics Director for Ticketing and Event Management

On tickets allotted to Ohio State

"We are receiving 16,000 tickets. Each team was allotted the same number of tickets and while actively trying to find tickets, we will identify those not taking tickets for purchase. It will be hard to identify sources who are not taking tickets for this game. It will be a difficult ticket to get. Our fans are resourceful. All those fans in the stadium at the national championship game were not sold tickets through us."


On Ohio State's ticket distribution

"The process we are using to distribute tickets is the same process we have used in the past with high-magnitude games. It was the same process used for the national championship game in 2002. We anticipate tremendous demand for this game, but we have processes put into place if we overextend our applications. We will actively try to get as many tickets as we can to accommodate as many people as we can."

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