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Irony at its finest.....


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Well, fellow Irish Subway just about ends it. The teams I rooted for, all won. Two supposed contenders were exposed again as pretenders. I'll let you take a guess. The fact that I was rooting for FSU this evening didn't sit well with my stomach, but I did it and it paid off. I was more than happy to watch a struggling FSU team knock off an over-rated fellow All Convict Conference opponent. I can't stand Bowden or his offspring. I couldn't take it when I saw an unstable team get an auto bid for a BCS bowl. Especially when they are unranked!!!!! This season has fortified my position on Notre Dame not joining a conference. Conferences may be good in alot of aspects for teams, but not for the Irish. The Big Least, All Convict Conference and the SEC are going to be represented by their finest....uhh...kinda?! What a friggin' joke. Even "The almighty Bowden", himself kinda made a chuckle at the idea. Absolutely disgusting. At least he made a respectful comment about Joe Paterno. I always find myself rooting for Georgia in some kinda "key" game as well. This year was no different. I couldn't be more happy with the outcome of that game! Way to go Georgia. Expose the frauds. Hey! I have an idea! How about a certain over-rated western top water swimmer playing a few teams out east now and then?! Oh my goodness. How dare I suggest such a thing? I'm glad the top teams stayed the way and I'm glad a few more pretenders were exposed.

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Guest SirJohn

:D Nice read. I seldom really watch other teams unless it is an opponent we will meet or some unusual scheme I want information on. Setting aside my Notre Dame love (impossible) I watched So Cal a bit. Bush is great. My problem is he's not ours so I don't give a darn :D He can end up in Denver or Seattle for all I care.I honestly got bored and went to the Army Navy which I found more interesting scheme wise. Then to Georgia whoom I also favored closing out with FSU etc. I see #3 and #5 fell and wondered what it did to us?


I got the jibes from Keith Jackson and Pal during So Cal, The Irish are at home wich one of them said "and still grumbling about the push." Don't these #$% ever leave us alone? I know of few 'grumbling' about the push. I moved on I want this bowl and 2006 2005 is over.


Conference I too am against, (See Money talks) The other mention of ND that I cought was we get a $14 million dollar payout. "Which they, Notre Dame, won't have to share with a conference member." And a remark "But that will drop to $4 million next year."


Which is true as we signed that new BCS contract Pre Charlie. This is something Notre Dame and fandom should be jumping on.


With Charlie and with the HUGE TV interest post Ty Notre Dame is now that 1,000 pound gorella in your living room. Re-tool that stupid contract.

Get every hot attorney we know onto that.


When I say the BCS needs us more then we need them now. Are you thinking I'm hot air and some wild eyed fan? No! Look at Fiesta ND, Ohio, Oregon squabble. It starts with invite ND then who?

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