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Any questions now?


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With the Buffs actually showing up to the game today, Texas proved they are one of the two top teams of the nation. I cannot believe that Colorado actually had the nerve to show up!?!?


With UCLA falling extremely short of expectations and becoming the laughing stock of the Trojan schedule, USC has proved they are one of the top two teams in the nation. PAC-10? Geesh?!


There is no doubt who the top 2 are. And #3 is so far behind that the slots for number #3 and #4 should be blank!


1. USC

2. Texas



5. PSU





I truly think the squabble about who should be playing BCS games is a joke. Because numbers one and two are so far above the rest of the crowd, the others are for "show". LSU has proven that the SEC is watered down and over-rated (I say this every year, but this year is THE proof). Penn State is doing great, but not great enough to claim a seat in the 1st or 2nd rankings. VATech is an outstanding team, but where exactly do they fit into the BCS rankings, seriously?! They are a top 10 team, but not a top 5 team. Ohio State? They are pretty solid. They've had some pretty close games, but blew out weaker opponents. Should be ranked just below PSU, by default. Oregon? A few close games as well. I believe that the Ducks are a #12 team. The W/L record is not very representative of the level of play. Notre Dame? Well, the argument of Ducks or Irish is ridiculous. The level of play is obvious. The yards, the schedule and the definite deciding factor of both playing USC are indications. Some Duckers will argue that the Stanford game should be representative. Bull! Stanford had a lot more on the line and alot more in heart when they played that final season game. And don't even bother bring up how the schedule is ranked harder for the Ducks. You CANNOT rank schedules. Ranking is schedules is 100 times harder than ranking teams standings. Miami? Although Miami lost some really bonehead games, this is NOT uncommon. Teams like Duke, NC etc are thorns in hurricane sides. They defeated VaTech with authority. 'Canes should be ranked above Ducks, but below the Irish. Auburn...part of the SEC problem. SEC teams are competitive amongst each other and that's all I have to say about that. You hear that ESPN crew?


Popluarity contest? Sure the heck is. Beyond numbers 1 and 2, it's all popularity. Ask the recruits and ask the polls. One thing that does NOT lie is the recruiting rankings and bowl payouts. One can cry all they want, but when your #50sumthin' in recruiting rankings and are overlooked weeks in advance for bowl alignments, your team just doesn't "have it".


Yours truly,



Go Irish!

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