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Why We Are Deserving Of A BCS Berth


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Jim DeLuca

ND Irish Fans.com


For at least the past week or two, the college football pundits have been debating the merits of the Fighting Irish as it pertains to a BCS game. With many pointing to the Ducks of Oregon as the team to get the shot down, we also hear about Ohio State and Auburn as teams to get left out. This brings me to a few points of contention with this whole BCS thing.


First and for most the BCS was setup to arrange a number 1 verse number 2 to ensure we had one national champion. In absence of a playoff format this is great. So after the championship game is setup, the other bowls pick who they want from the eligible pool. We are eligible and there is no rule stating they must pick teams in a certain order. If that is what everyone wants then re-write the damn thing again and state the first 8 teams no matter what must go to the 4 big bowl games.


Second, all of the sudden our schedule, that people had us going 1-5, 0-6, lucky to win 3 is a cupcake of a schedule. Is it our fault that Pitt, UM, MSU, Tenn. and Purdue underachieved this year? Take a look at who we played, no Big Sky Schools or 1-AA, they all compete in major conferences and have a history of winning football. Take a look at this table comparing the historical records of our Division 1-A opponents with our three competitors for the bowl game Oregon, Ohio State and Auburn.



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