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Other teams problems

Guest SirJohn

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Guest SirJohn

This morning I spent some time in archives here at DD. I pulled out Jtennets Mark Mays and Tobeys story on Fulmer. It's funny how things come around. History repeats itself and those who fail to learn from it are doomed to repeat it.


I know all of us are wrapped up in the current success of Notre Dame. At long last. Years of being tashed and we are back on top. Like you I will watch a few games today and wait for BCS decision Sunday.


I pulled up the Fulmer article and I can see a majority of DD and Irish fans saying so what? "What's that got to do with us?" So what guys?


Do you realize how remarkably blessed we are to have Weis and our assistant coaches? Sure you do. But look around.


Practically the entire SEC fell apart this year. Take a look at the Big 10. Simply remove the one Pitt State success and Big 10 sux. The once egotistic Noles a real power are crmbling like an asperin in a glass of water. As I read the Fulmer story things started to go South the head man blamed the players (Sounds like Ty?) which upsets players. The Administration/trustees/boosters need a scape goat. Fulmer throws assistants under the wheels and hires Cutcliffe to restore dignity.? Hey what? The Bowdens are feuding with everyone. John L Smith at MSU is in deep doo doo and so is the AD who hand picked him.


Now look at ND we did fire Ty and had a mess. Weis came. EVERYONE is on the same page now. Restore Notre Dame to our rightful place.


It's kind of Ironic most attention is still focused on Notre Dame. We have a three peat 33 win team playing cupcakes, a crumbled SEC and Big 10 yet they are all whining about our belonging in the BCS. We also now have an NCAA now demanding colleges graduate those football players.


Back to Notre Dame. Who brought in TEAM play? Organizational skills? President, AD, staff, secretaries and you name it with just one goal?


Look around. The left hand doesn't know what the right is doing in most places. Feuding, good ole boy network, cronyism and sheer pull by some greasy booster. Spoiled rotten ego driven players round out the whole picture.


Blessed? Lucky? Notre Dame sure is.


PS rumors have it we are tied with Texas for number 1 recruiting class.

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Guest SirJohn

Additions to the above post: Call it evolving:


Lous Holtz at the Banquet admitted to mistakes at Notre Dame. From Sports Illistrated:


Holtz led the Irish to their last national championship in 1988. He told the team at its annual award banquet that one of his biggest regrets as an Irish coach is that when he restored Notre Dame to an elite program that he focused on maintaining the program instead of seeking to make it even better.


"The thing I truly regret is, we maintained," Holtz said. "You're either growing or you're dying. The minute you start maintaining, you start dying."


Coach Weis same banquet: South Bend Tribune:


We're going to set out goals even higher next year," Weis told the crowd. "I think better days are ahead. We're going to raise the bar."


Can DD readers now see how it all fits in? The difference 2005 with Notre Dame and all the college programs with problems.

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Guest SirJohn

That's the deal. Roughy 4 different systems ranking and hard to balance what's what. Just popped that in here cause it didn't seem grounded enough for recruiting section. Am looking at Charlie's remarks 5th years............... Seems I got 3 of the 5 OL leaving still have some eligibility. Would help. That's a wait and see. He said it's a long process (5th year admission) So on the one hand your not really sure of who is filling newbie slots for a while nor who might 5th year to clarify just what you have and where you stand.

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