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Who would you rather play, and why?

Guest bluester2000

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Guest bluester2000

Ducks - Have the best whining section

Bucks - Odds on favorite for the Fiesta Bowl

Lions - Lots of talk about the Fiesta giving the Orange $2,000,000 for the Orange to pass on Penn State so the Fiesta can get both them and ND.

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Guest IrishTobey

I think we beat Penn State or Oregon. OSU has an ton of speed on defense and those linebackers can fly. Also, Troy Smith and Ginn would give our defense fits. I think OSU would give ND the most difficult time.

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Guest SirJohn

:D Good Idea bluester.


For me.


Personal: I was born in Ohio have a Sister and Brother in law up there and many nieces and nephews. So it was Buckeyes and Ohio State on end. I'd like Notre Dame to cream the Buck once.

Now this personal doesn't matter.


Historicaly: We owe them thar suckers a few punches going way, way back to the 1920's, KKK and Al Smith times. Both Ohio and Michigan kept us out of the Big 10 back when now they whine why don't we join? While the past might not matter to some it sure is worth noting.


Excitement, PR value and News Space.


I just really couldn't get up for an Oregon game. It's "WHO?" Beating them wouldn't measuably shine us at 10-2


Penn State: Oh Yeah I've already said else where this would be big and a Media bonanza. Old legend JoePa and Genius Guru Charlie Weis. Unfgortunately we play them the second week of September in 2006.


This means playing them now and whomping them is some great media attention. Playing them once again in 2006 would not really duplicate. If so I would prefer Penn State playing someone else in the orange and then facing ND as a Bowl Champ and more or less undefeated in September.


It is sort of like USC in 2006. It will be our last game of the year. At 33 wins now reralisticly they can't go 2006 undefeateed when they meet us in 12th game. A bit besides revenge for 2005 is taken away from the ND USC match up.


That leaves me with Ohio State. Both teams travel well. Ity's great media and it would be nice to end the crowing and thump another Big 10 team. Their speed? I really do not feel it matters Irish will win.

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Guest Snatchy_McPants

No shocker here. I want Ohio State, want 'em bad. On a personal level, I get my 2 cases of beer, and the satisfaction of ripping the bucknuts at the office for the next year or more. Also, this is just one more team that we can re-gain the series lead against, as we are currently tied 2-2.


I really think OSU is beatable. Yes, they have a great defense, but we have a GREAT offense. We have possibly the best O-line they have face this season. I don't think Ginn as as scary in the passing game as he is in the return game. He seems to rely on his speed and elusiveness alone, at the expense of his routes. Matching speed for speed, I think Wooden can keep up with him all game, and Troy Smith will not have the confidence to throw if his man is covered. Holmes is a bigger concern, but in the end they will have to put up big numbers to run with us, and our defense is good enough to stop them.


Can't wait for Dec. 4th, 5 PM EST on ABC to finally make it official!

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