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Too much no Notre Dame News time

Guest SirJohn

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Guest SirJohn

I definitely need some real news on ND :lol:


Toss in a lyric if you feel like it (Apologies to Bobby Darrin and mack the knife)


Oh he's the shark babe on Notre dame babe

Samardzija going all the way babe


He's got such teeth babe and all that hair

Leaves coverage flat and wondering where


And then a touchdown as he scores babe

Then listen to the crowds roars babe


(Definitely need some news :lol: )

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Guest SirJohn

:D Let's go domehead. :lol:


Now in the end zone ooh huh where sunny morni uuh huh

Lies the coverage, barely oozing breath..eek

Was that the shark babe sneaken round the corner?>

Could that someone be Samadzija dealen death?


Now d'ja hear bout Ty Willingham? He disappeared babe

After drawing out all his golfing cash

And now we have Weis babe and Notre Dame spending like a sailor

This all looks good to me and surely nothing rash.


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Guest domehead

I am working on my "running man" and "cabbage Patch" moves...and just between you and I...I need to keep working on them...I am a bit rusty from my days of being a "solid Gold Dancer" ...not a word snatchy... :shock:

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