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From Coach Dan

Guest SirJohn

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Guest SirJohn

For the past three years

this team has been a "sleeping giant". A badly coached football team under

Tyrone Willingham, who is probably like Leo Durocher. "Nice guys finish last"

well it seems the football program the past several years has taken a tumble

in recruiting wise and the record on the field has dropped big time.


Did you know that between 1988 and 1993, under "Honest Coach Lou" the

Football program turned in an incredible 67-9-1 record, and should have won more

than one National title, especially in 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992 and 1993. They had

their chance back then to be a dominant football program, then after the 1993

season, with losses in personnel, the program started to decline, then Holtz was

probably bounced after the 1996 season, or somehow forced out by the previous

administration..then came in Bob Davie a holdover from the previous staff.


Davie lasted five seasons, then the O'Leary fiasco after about a week about when

he lied on his resume. I wonder who was in charge of hiring and firing coaches

was it Father Malloy, the Athletic Director or the Board of Trustees??? It is clear

to me that Notre Dame doesn't have any direction either administration wise or

coaching wise...that was until late November when the University brass decided to

make a bold and WEIS move.....axing Ty after an unimpresive 30-25 in three years

as Head Football Coach at Notre Dame.


Charlie Weis, a longtime assistant in the National Football League, as offensive

coordinator under Bill Belichick also was an assistant under Bill Parcells. Weis

is hired to Shake Down the Thunder and bring back the Blue chip recruits, bring

back Enthusiasm and Energy and Most Importantly VICTORIES to Notre Dame

Football and back on top when was during the late 1980's and early 1990s. Just

think what if Urban Meyer had been named Head football coach at Notre Dame?


My favorite Charlie Weis quote "I don't care who we play" A coach is hired to win

Football games. That is the bottom line business in sports folks. I predict he will

have a good first year leading the Fighting Irish to an 8-3 record and lead the team

to a bowl game....ONWARD TO VICTORY for the University of Notre Dame


Coach Dan = OUT



Coach Dan is a Chicago based ND fan who used to live in Cheesland. That means henow lives in Chicago if the populace doesn't drive him out. :roll: Currently he is in Wisconsin buying some Badger and Green Bay Packer items but will be back tonight but his heart is ND. I don't believe this cheese head is going by Golf Kart? :D He loves DD keeps saying he will get around to regeresting but...? :cry: Da Bum hasn't yet.


Sir John

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