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My 2 sents...

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Guest bluester2000

Some of this stuff may have been discussed previously, I'm just too lazy to surf through everything right now...


Elway couldn't come up with the two coaches the first time ND-Stanford played, despite 5 minutes prior Fouts mentioning they had first played in like 88 or whatever and the hint "Think of two famous coaches in these schools' histories."


Holtz being a man and stepping up for DJ on ESPN after the game. I've given DJ his fair share of crap this year. In fact, after the botched XP and FG I text messaged my brother (Notre Dame MSA) and girlfriend (Notre Dame MSA who was at the game) to remind them that DJ was himself a ND MSA. Really, famed Pitt Panther Mark May (who has been searching for highest beam in the ESPN studio to hang himself from since week one) ripped DJ a new one. "The Irish don't deserve to go to a BCS game, and if they do they better hope it doesn't come down to a kick"

At which point Holtz very simply says, "Look at the record, he's had made 50 in a row up until that point, the most of any ND kicker ever, he got cheap shotted last week and is wearing a knee brace" (you flaming tool, get your facts straight). I added that last part in there, but I'm sure he said it when they were off the air.


Injuries seemed to pile up. Does anyone have a list of the walking wounded? Who's hurt, who's injured, who's going to be ready for January?


Brady looked VERY Brady-esque at points last night. By Brady-esque of course I mean that look in his eyes that I've seen often over the past 2 years. Brady's got a long way to go before he's a Heisman winner and Saturday just helps us remember that. The best way to rattle him and disrupt the ND scheme is to pressure pressure pressure. A team that can generate a strong pass rush with just 3, 4, or 5 rushers will beat ND, as long as they're halfway effective in other areas of the game.


Brady's punt on the other hand was awesome. He takes a step back before kicking it and they're pinned at the 1 with a great opportunity for 2 points.


I'm sure there's more, but my boss says I should be working.

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