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Notre Dames dirty little secret

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Guest SirJohn

From College Football Tom Dienhart




Tom's 25: Notre Dame's dirty little secret

November 27, 2005


It's another Blog Fog. I know, it's hard to believe. But I have radar to navigate through the thick and thin of this final big weekend of college football to illuminate the 25 questions that have me vexed and perplexed.


1. Is it too late for NoDoz to be the title sponsor of every league championship game next Saturday?


2. Wanna know a dirty secret? Notre Dame has beaten three teams that are going to bowls: Michigan, BYU and Navy. Hey, don't blame me, God, I'm just telling the truth, no matter how much the bowl and TV executives don't wanna hear it.


3. If Notre Dame would have lost, would kicker D.J. Fitzpatrick's tuition have gone up $14.5 million?


4. Is their any doubt Stanford would have had a better shot at spelling "Samardzija" than covering him?


5. Was I the only one who felt like I was watching a game show during the Stanford-Notre Dame broadcast? All I heard and every graphic I read was "$14.5 million." I kept waiting for Wink Martindale to walk out from behind a curtain with one of those chopstick-thin microphones.


6. Now that Notre Dame has all but locked up a BCS bid, how long will it be before Charlie Weis gets one of those big pointy hats? If he doesn't have one yet, maybe Lou Holtz can give Weis one of his.


7. Did Notre Dame learn that little push move on its game-winning touchdown run by Darius Walker from USC?


8. Five teams from the Big 12 North are bowl-eligible? Sorta like putting earrings on a pig. It's still ugly.


9. Isn't going 6-5 and qualifying for a bowl kinda like throwing a party for a "C" student? Dang, I gotta talk to my mother about this. I got a lot of cake and ice cream coming to me.


10. Good grief, what did Iowa State do to deserve this? Dan McCarney, meet Charlie Brown. Mark Mangino, meet Lucy.


11. The Poinsettia Bowl? Anyone else ready to rummage around their garage for their Poulan Weedeater?

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