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Some pondering on 2006-2007 ND seasons

Guest SirJohn

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Guest SirJohn

Noe* Written before current Demetrius Jones, Coach Cutcliffe rumors. (See Recruiting)



Diddling and doodling 2006, 2007 and a bit beyond.


It’s refreshing lately to see that Coach Weis and his assistants are now getting credit for 2005. It’s gone past ‘Ty’s talent.’ **



from Rivals a Kansas site. (Subscription needed for rest) But nice to be talked up about in Kansas. "Toto this ain't Kansas anymore."

1. November 21, 2005

Coaching profile: John Latina


Matt Hall

The re-emergence of the Notre Dame football program has been one of college football's biggest stories in 2005, and some of the credit for the Irish uprising could be given to John Latina, assistant head coach (offense) and offensive line coach under Charlie Weis. Latina has helped direct an offense that has become one of the most balanced and potent in the nation in just one year.



This article and others and others I have seen are starting to recognize Notre Dames hard work. It getting really amusing listening to some highly paid coaches and their home town media talk about 3 years and “rebuilding.” They were doing it about Tenn, Urban and last year JoePa even. A funny thing happened along the way.

A guy called Weis came along and simply played ball with what he rebuilding. Do you feel some eyes turning towards a bunch of coaches making big bucks who are starting to sweat?


All that being said lets take a look at 2006. We have a pretty good group of recruits coming in. Quite a few should work into the mix.


Looking at Quarterback this is my opinion past Brady Quinn who will be in his last year. Sharpley, Frazer, Woke and Jones. Of the four I expect Zach Frazer to work up to #2 QB. I see Jones more in a wide receiver slot. Coach Weis has already said no QB by committee or ‘option’ QB.

Even if one disagrees with my pick for #2 it’s essential Notre Dame get far enough ahead in games to insert (I’ll say Zach here) for some meaningful snaps during a game. Always not knowing if the veteran line is going to have confidence in a new kid on the block. Personally I think Zach can do it he is handling this bad Senior year about as good as Quinn handled 2003 and 2004.


Any QB problems and with a stable of runners Weis might just run a bit more. But again I expect Zach to develop well 2006 and be main gun 2007 when Quinn is gone.

I see many drooling over Jimmy Clausen who will... “maybe” arrive 2007, which is getting a bit too far ahead. Still, no one is really going to throw a Freshmen in cold. (except Ty)


I see no real problems 2006 or 2007. I kind of feel 2008 bears watching. That’s when our thin 15 are seniors and in general when some assistants move on. There’s a plan I know to replace any coaches but in general it shakes the recruiting tree a bit, continuity wise.


Fortunately we have a good...scratch that...the best Coach and Crew in College football.


Not knowing where anyone will be ranked and just looking at teams we play I pick these as most interesting in 2007.


Penn State has to rank way up on top. This is the old living legend JoePa against the younger genius, guru Weis. NBC and Media will have a field day over this game. Most likely JoePa will be Coach of the year sort of ‘snatching it from Weis’ which is also a Media boon. Most likely will exceed 2005's ND So Cal games 30,000,000 viewers. More people are becoming interested in ND now that the Giant awoke.


Mich State. This won’t be of a whole lot of media attention. It’s more of a ‘private thing’ for Notre Dame fans. Coach Weis even in his November 22 Presser blames himself for losing this game. So I believe that’s his 3rd mention and a thing he definitely wants to whack out in 2006. As a fan the disrespect shown by Mich State, the flag on our 50 yard line and other incidents. This kind of deserves more than a spanking or washing a mouth out with soap. I do believe Coach Weis will call off the regulars around 40 points but be unable (unwilling?) to let the second string not run a mock, like Chinese Bandits, Pirates and the US Marines landing. Even with the second unit and not risking any high percentage pass we will be having a stable of runners.


UCLA and Michigan I just call interesting.


So Cal? It’s the last game of the year for us. They can play ‘spoiler’ to our ending. I do believe between the end of 2005 and into 2006 So Cal will stumble and be trying to claw back up. The ‘push’ will be shown on Media over and over. Coach Weis in a way also owes Carroll a taking down. Along with JoePa this should be another TV ratings Bonanza.


I am not saying any other game is not of interest only saying these will be most watched and have tons of High School football players glued to the set.


I was going to close with Coach Weis is in a League of his own but make it Coach Weis is in a World of our own. Notre Dame.

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Guest IrishTobey

my big concern is the offensive line. the numbers are woefully thin. the skill postions should be strong and those types of players can make an impact right a way as freshman like Reggie Bush, Darius Walker, Teddy Ginn etc... With a strong offensive line even a Freshman or Sophmore QB can look good. I'm thrilled Weis is bringing in a boat load of skill guys this year but O-line to me is the most important. to me the secret to success this year has been the o-line. Everybody is shocked Penn St has won 10 games. Guess what. They start 5 seniors on the O-line. Let's hope Weis and Latina can continue to recruit and develop the talent up front.

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Guest SirJohn

I call these the shifting sands of the media. Remember when we were winning with Ty boys? I'm finding more and more blurbs giving Weis and crew credit. This exerpt frpm no less than BUCKEYEBUZZ, by John Spencer Gannet News Service :lol:




If Notre Dame beats Stanford on Saturday, it's extremely unlikely the Fiesta would pass up the Irish with the first pick. Notre Dame has a national following, and what Charlie Weis has done with a down-in-the-dumps program against the nation's toughest schedule borders on the miraculous.

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Guest SirJohn

The whole thing was amusing but read # 10 By Mark Chalifoux



Every year, SportsFan Magazine has its writers list the things they are most thankful for in the sports world, so this is the best I could do.


1. Steroids- Let's be honest here, without performance enhancers, no one would have watched baseball in the mid-90s. Also, without them, Jose Canseco never gets to write a book, which means he never would have known there was another use for books other than as a footrest.


2. Terrell Owens- Just because he is able to play everyone so well. He has never killed anyone, no drinking and driving, no skipping out on his child support, no paying auto-mechanics half of what they are owed because "that's all Jesus told him he had to pay" (thanks Deion). Yet he is still the most hated person in sports. Anything TO does is breaking news on all ESPN channels and in all sports media outlets.


3. Chad Johnson/Steve Smith- on that same note, it's good to have two guys who know how to have fun in the No Fun League without turning into mini-TOs. These are both great teammates and great players to watch.


4. Carolina cheerleaders/ sex boat parties- The NFL is a crazy, crazy league, but wouldn't be the same without all the sex. It lets old guys fail miserably in trying to make clever, sex-related jokes and that the sex boat cruise helped turn Minnesota's season around. This could be a new trend for football teams everywhere. San Francisco can't move the ball or play defense? Not until they take their team on a boat with some hookers, drugs, and live sex acts. This is going to influence the way teams train for ages as I predict this could be even more influential for sports teams than those Tom Emanski defensive drills videos (and those back-to-back-to-back AAU championships were damn impressive). This will work its way down the pipeline to the college ranks (I'm looking at you Colorado) and even a tamer version in the high school ranks (cheerleaders on canoes maybe?). Either way, it gives us more to talk about.


5. My readers- God help them.


6. Sports talk radio- I'm not going to lie, sports is a great way to make money. There isn't anything more fun than arguing with someone you know is wrong and letting them self-destruct in the process. It's also a lot of fun to do interviews and we've had a great range of guests during my time talking sports on some sort of radio (special thanks to Warrick Dunn, Bruce Weber, Andy Katz, Dee Brown, Craig Smith, Bob Ryan, Mike Gansey, Nate Robinson, Dion Byrum, John Buccigross, Randy Cross, Sean O'Haire, Dave Zastudil and anyone who helped us make those happen).


7. J.W. and Phil from the Plains- On that same note, I have to be thankful for the two most loyal callers to the show. Even on days when Dan and I are debating what mascots would serve this nation the best in governmental roles, these guys still call in to voice their two cents. They may not always be right, but they are usually pretty reasonable people and sports talk radio can be boring if it's just me being right all the time.


8. 35-cent Wings at Buffalo Wild Wings- Sundays wouldn't be nearly as sweet without having a great, great place to watch the games with the token Buffalo or Detroit fan yelling at the top of his lungs every week. Also, the food and drink specials are hard to beat. And the place is so clean and everyone is so friendly and when I think of heaven, I know it will be great, kind of like Buffalo Wild Wings. That should be enough to get me some free food.


9. College Basketball and the new NHL- It's a great time of the year. Now, if only Sidney Crosby could knock down a 15-foot jumper consistently of if Rajon Rondo could kill off a penalty, I could combine the best of both worlds. I guess I will have to make do with my Ohio Bobcats going to the elite 8 and with the (whatever team I start following because the BlueJackets blow) winning the Stanley Cup.


10. Charlie Weis- It's pretty clear that if Jesus was going to pick a football coach, he'd pick Charlie Weis. That means that, given my current state of caving to peer-pressure, I would pick Charlie Weis too. It all works out though because Charlie is the man and will finally bring Notre Dame back to glory. People actually respect Notre Dame now, which is something that hasn't happened since Lou Holtz left (except for a brief time when Ty Willingham collected the wool of the world and pulled it over everyone's eyes, that was fun).


10a. Sports fans- They are loyal. They are crazy. They are crazily loyal. But without them and their blind devotion, things would be much boringer (I'm going to make this a word by the time Webster's comes out with a new edition). It's more fun to work in the toy department of life than to work in a real toy department (you know, like the ones in China where they don't let you go to the bathroom more than once a week).


10b. The Troops- It may be lame to close with something serious, but you have to have a hell of a lot of respect for them and the sacrifice they make. All politics aside (vote for me in 2024!), these brave men and women are pretty sweet. For that, I doff my cap (also, like I do every year around this time, go do your part by sending our troops a care package. You can find out more info at


Mark Chalifoux is a columnist with SportsFan magazine and an all-around good guy.

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