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My thoughts on the game

Guest IrishTobey

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Guest IrishTobey

It's the first game this year that it is been a regular college football game. No sub-plots or story lines. It was just a game. The opener is the opener. Mich at Michigan. Nuff said. First home game with MSU, at Washington against the former coach, against Purdue they played an instate rival who beat them by 25 the year before, USC is USC, BYU was the first game of the new season, Tennessee is a big game for obvious reasons, Navy is important for all of the patriotism which brings us to the Syracuse game. There was in no sub-plot. Yes, they beat ND in 2003 so there might have been some carry over from that but that game seams like a decade ago. It was just a game. I know it was the senior day which provided some emotion but let's face it. No matter how much Charlie preached at them they all knew the could show up and win and they basically did. They turned it up enough when they had too. This game may prove more than ever ND is back b/c they WON the game 34-10 and it feels more like a loss. ND will bounce back this weak and handle Stanford convincingly, they play their best ball on the road, and will be fine. ND is back. When 34-10 against a BCS conference school is dissapointing you are back!!

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