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Notre Dames first 2006 opponent in trouble

Guest SirJohn

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Guest SirJohn

Notre Dames first opponent in 2006 has NCAA "problems."




Georgia Tech Placed on Probation for Two Years

Yellow Jackets Used Nearly 20 Ineligible Athletes in Four Sports




ATLANTA (Nov. 17) - The NCAA placed Georgia Tech on two years probation Thursday for using 17 academically ineligible athletes in four sports, including 11 in football.


This is the first time Georgia Tech has been placed on probation. The school had proposed self-imposed sanctions, including one year on probation.


The NCAA's Committee on Infractions accepted the school's proposed scholarship reductions in football, men's and women's track and women's swimming. Georgia Tech already reduced its 2005 football signing class by six and also will reduce its 2006 signing class by six.


The NCAA added a limit of 79 total grants-in-aid for the 2006-07 and 2007-08 academic years in football, down from the normal limit of 85. Georgia Tech's self-imposed reduction of scholarships this year did not include a corresponding overall limit on scholarships.


Also, the NCAA vacated Tech's records in the sports between the 1998-99 and 2004-05 academic years and issued a public reprimand and censure.


Gene Marsh, a law professor at Alabama, chaired the investigating committee.


"Many of these student-athletes were prominent members of the team, including multiple-year starters who had received conference and national recognition for their athletic performances," Marsh said.


Georgia Tech athletic director Dave Braine argued that the violations were inadvertent.


The school has since hired a new official in the registrar's office whose main duty is to ensure that athletes meet the proper academic requirements.


The NCAA also accepted Georgia Tech's self-imposed reductions of 3.90 scholarships in men's track and field and two scholarships in women's track and field for the 2005-06 and 2006-07 academic years.


Georgia Tech also paid a $5,000 fine to the NCAA for allowing ineligible student-athletes to compete in NCAA championships and bowl games.

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Guest SirJohn

:D This is really a tougth one to figure out.


11th Georgia Tech AD dropped hints that Tech had not lived up to expectations under Coach. 12th said he HAD and gave him, 5 year extension at no increase, one million a year. Meanwhile 'crying' that it is tough to recruit at Tech, because..


'Braine said Gailey did not ask for a raise from his current $1 million salary. Gailey, a former Dallas Cowboys coach, was entering the final year of his contract. That was reworked and four years added on.


Braine said high academic standards make Tech one of the three toughest jobs in the nation for a football coach. Braine identified Army and Notre Dame as the other toughest jobs.'


Hey what? Georgia Tech AD? Coach Weis has said complaining about High Academic requirements is an excuse. (Shades of Paul Hornung) A recruit today with 3.90 GPA justy remarked Notre Dame Players were so intelligent. (Read able to have a conversation someone above 8th grade level understands. 0


TYhen also seems a Georgia Tech CB was susspended for involvement in distributing one hundred pounds of MJ. He went to Court and the copurt had him admityted. Buty AD and Coach would nopt let him on the team. Cour4t then ordered Georgia Tech must let him play.


So right here I can't tell who the hail iws runninmg the GT program. Just thaks for a good clean program Coach Weis and AD White.

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