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Local AP Voter for ND.

Guest SirJohn

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Guest SirJohn

This kind of shocked me and I received a reply. Rick picked ND as #4 team his ballot. Courier Journal.com


*Sunday, November 13, 2005




Rick Bozich talks about his AP Top 25 football picks


Good morning to all.


If you've been following along with me as this college football season has unfolded, you'll understand that the real challenge of picking a

Top 25 isn't selecting the first five teams. Not at all. It's selecting

the final five teams. Try doing that without creating a debate.


The best teams find ways to separate themselves from the pack. USC,

Texas, Miami, Notre Dame and LSU. Some will throw Penn State, Ohio

State and Alabama into the argument. But I can work it out.


The bottom five?


That's another story. Seems as if I'm always juggling 15 teams for

about five spots. One week Minnesota exits. The next week the Gophers

come back. There goes Florida State (what's going on with Bobby

Bowden?). Here comes Mike Price and UTEP.


With no change in the top three places on my ballot, I'll get to this

week's WINNERS:


*LSU inches up to fifth for winning at Alabama.


*West Virginia climbs two places to 12th. The Mountaineers only

stumble this season was against Virginia Tech.


*Michigan. Losses by Colorado, Texas Tech, Florida and Wisconsin

cleared the way for me to bump the Wolverines up to 16th. Yes, Michigan

has three defeats. But we're talking about a touchdown stumble against

Notre Dame and a pair of three-pointers to Wisconsin and Minnesota. And

Michigan will carry a four-game winning streak into its little tussle

with Ohio State Saturday.


*South Carolina. I gave the Gamecocks a seven-spot bump for beating

Florida. Steve Spurrier will probably finish second to Joe Paterno in

Coach of the Year balloting.


*Louisville. Rutgers is a decent team. The Cards treated Rutgers like

lint. They earned a three-spot jump to 19th.


Now, the LOSERS:


*Alabama's inability to score finally hurt the Crimson Tide. Dropped

them four spots because of the loss to LSU.


*Georgia. The Bulldogs' home loss to Auburn cost them four spots, too.


*Texas Tech. Another four-spot loser because of a slip against

Oklahoma State.


*Wisconsin, Florida State and California all were removed from my

ballot, replaced by surging Oklahoma, Minnesota and UTEP.


Thanks for reading and I'd love to hear your opinions.



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1. Southern Cal

2. Texas

3. Miami

4. Notre Dame

5. LSU

6. Penn State

7. Ohio State

8. Alabama

9. Oregon

10. Virginia Tech

11. Auburn

12. West Virginia

13. Georgia

14. TCU

15. UCLA

16. Michigan

17. Texas Tech

18. South Carolina

19. Louisville

20. Fresno State

21. Oklahoma

22. Minnesota

23. Colorado

24. UTEP

25. Florida


************** I EM'd and his r4eply. "Couple of plays"


Kind of shocked you picked Notre Dame 4th.




I'm the biggest Notre Dame fan in Louisville. (Surounded by UK UL people) You probably will get heat for that choice.




Kind of a funny sign in South Bend on US 31, at a Pancake place. "Thank you for going to Florida Urban." Whis is just about what we feel. The Weis 'A'ra. is upon us.








Irish are just a couple of plays from undefeated. They convinced me in the USC game.

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