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The answer is in the middle.

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If any of you are in the camp MF is a complete failure and needs to be fired EOY or ND is going to be a 10 win team and get a NY6 bowl game, I challenge you that the answer is somewhere in the middle as of now.. I am in the camp that MF likely is not the answer but it will be fun to watch this team grow now that they are not hamstrung with trying to polish a Brian Kelly turd (Buchner). 

What we watched yesterday was a team who struggled in pass-pro, keep a small QB who doesn't have the ability to see all the lanes within the pocket very clean against 4-5 man rushes and overload pressures. We saw a team that mixed in gap run schemes with pulling guards and tackles with good success followed up with inside zone run schemes and some split zone schemes which was missing against ohio state and Marshall. The fact that this team can have success with both types of running schemes speaks volumes for HH acumen as an OL coach. 

We watched this team execute these plays against an inferior power 5 opponent in the weakest power 5 league.. (think Northwestern, TCU, K State, Iowa, Iowa State). Regardless of your opinion, it's tough to spot any power 5 team, 5 drives just to figure your shit out, which is in effect what ND did with Pyne's bullshit. Glad the kid got settled in but he doesn't instill much confidence going forward. 

There was plenty to be content with and plenty to give us excitement as we watch this team move forward. There are plenty of execution and effort improvements they will need to reach a January bowl game.

The defense saw good corner play and some good D line play that gives me hope going forward they can neutralize some of these high powered offenses on the horizon: UNC Syracuse etc..

This will be fun watching how much this team improves in the MF era. The delta between how bad they sucked against OSU and Marshall versus EOY will be the best indictment of the coaching staff IMO.


The ultimate goal is lost, now it's a race within this program to see how much they can improve week to week and they get a healthy dose of competition this year to test their mettle and wits. 

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