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'24 MI 5* QB CJ Carr [ND Verbal]

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This kid makes the QB position look effortless. His footwork, pocket presence, going through progression, release, etc… look so easy and natural. 

The only concern on tape is he seems to slightly under throw some deep balls. His arm strength might be a B, but he is top notch in every other category. He’s young so filling out may help his arm strength, maybe he even grows an inch or two? Still young… huge commit! 

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Just saw he plans on being back on campus this weekend to help recruiting with the ‘23 and ‘24 classes. What a difference this makes to have a stub qb that wants to build it up around him rather than hoping and chasing 

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Michigan never recruited CJ Carr like Dante Moore and it never prioritized him in the same way. That’s why he’s going to ND. Michigan shouldn’t take a kid it has lower on its board because of his last name (via



Shoooooo we. Really glad meatchicken didn't really want him anyway. Gee whiz. Thanks guys. Guess we'll take your discards. 


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3 hours ago, nd1989 said:

I read somewhere that Carr is the highest rated offensive recruit in 10 years for us.  Great to see.  Great job by Tom Rees.

On Irish illustrated they had a break down of all the qb’s that ND has taken since Clausen. Wow, Kelly really sucks. His best recruits or highest recruits were Kiel who he didn’t give a shot to, Barnett, a head case, Wimbush, head case(throwing), and Buchner. Kelly couldn’t pick out talent at qb’s or just had no idea how to read a qb and what he can bring. His list was dreadful. BUT, as I always said, Weis was picking up top talent no problem. But with Kelly all of the sudden ND could only get but 25 percent of the kids in the top 150 or whatever it was. Just crap. But I digress….Freeman is killing it. 

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5 minutes ago, coltssb said:

Man. If that is the setup you are a gumshoe. I would of never even thought twice about anything. 

Tom Loy from 247 was hinting about that on Twitter, so there may be something there.

Personally, I'd rather him stay in '24. I see multiple benefits: (1) he gets another year of HS to get better; (2) he can be the face of the class and be a Blake Fisher/Drayk Bowen - he has really connected with some elite '24 guys, including 5-star MO WR Ryan Wingo; and (3) he wouldn't join ND until June '23 if he reclassifies, whereas he would EE in '24 and join in January '24 - I don't think that 6 month difference is big deal because Buchner will likely be here through the 2024 season and Carr can still RS his freshman year in '24, whereas he might have to sit on the bench for two years (2023 and 2024) if he reclassifies.

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