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2023 Recruit Visits


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June 10 (Official Visit)

CA WR Rico Flores [Offer]

MA WR Ronan Hanafin [Offer]

SC OL Monroe Freeling [Offer]

MD DL Jason Moore [Offer]

LA LB Jaiden Ausberry [Offer]

OK CB Micah Tease [Offer]

MO CB Christian Gray [Offer]

GA S Caleb Downs [Offer]

WA RB Jayden Limar [ND Verbal]

TX WR Braylon James [ND Verbal]

NC OL Sullivan Absher [ND Verbal]

NC OL Sam Pendleton [ND Verbal]

FL DL Keon Keeley [ND Verbal]

MD DL Devan Houstan [ND Verbal]

MA LB Preston Zinter [ND Verbal]

TX S Peyton Bowen [ND Verbal]

NJ S Adon Shuler [ND Verbal]


June 10 (Visiting Elsewhere)

FL RB Richard Young [Alabama]

MO RB Jeremiyah Love [Michigan]

TX WR Jaden Greathouse [South Carolina]

IL OL Charles Jagusah [Missouri]

FL LB Jordan Hall [MSU]


June 13 (Official Visit)

FL RB Richard Young [Offer]


June 13 (Visiting Elsewhere)

IL OL Charles Jagusah [Arkansas]


June 17 (Official Visit)

MO RB Jeremiyah Love [Offer]

TX WR Jaden Greathouse [Offer]

TX CB Micah Bell [Offer]

WA CB Jasiah Wagoner [Offer]

CA TE Cooper Flanagan [ND Verbal]

KS OL Joe Otting [ND Verbal]

OH DL Brenan Vernon [ND Verbal]

MA DL Boubacar Traore [ND Verbal]


June 17 (Visiting Elsewhere)

FL RB Richard Young [Georgia]

MA WR Ronan Hanafin [Alabama]

IL OL Charles Jagusah [Michigan]

SC OL Monroe Freeling [Florida]

MD DL Jason Moore [Michigan]

LA LB Jaiden Ausberry [A&M]

MO CB Christian Gray [USC]

OK CB Micah Tease [USC]

GA S Caleb Downs [Alabama]


June 19 (Official Visit)

IL OL Charles Jagusah [Offer]


June 24 (Visiting Elsewhere)

FL RB Richard Young [Oregon]

MO RB Jeremiyah Love [Alabama]

MA WR Ronan Hanafin [BC]

SC OL Monroe Freeling [Miami]

MD DL Jason Moore [OSU]

LA LB Jaiden Ausberry [Michigan]

OK CB Micah Tease [Arkansas]

WA CB Jasiah Wagoner [California]

GA S Caleb Downs [OSU]


Clemson Game Official Visit (11/3)

FL LB Samuel M'Pemba [Offer]

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2 hours ago, D Fence said:

Has anyone heard if Moore will visit this weekend?  Also, sounds like Drayk Bowen is visiting along with Keeley

Get those three together this weekend?  Who knows what could happen?!  That would be something!

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247: War Daddy Recruit: Which power will win out for No. 1 safety Caleb Downs?



Aside from the upcoming trips to Alabama and Ohio State, Downs confirmed with 247Sports via text on Thursday morning that the only other visit he has locked in is Notre Dame on April 23, which is when the Irish will play their annual spring game.

Those close to Downs have relayed that the budding star has built a solid relationship with Notre Dame assistant Chris O’Leary, who handles the safeties for the Irish. He also has connected with first-year head coach Marcus Freeman.

It likely won’t be easy for Freeman & Co. to beat out the SEC for Downs (especially with him residing in SEC Country), but Notre Dame once struck gold and plucked a big-time safety prospect out of Georgia before in Kyle Hamilton, who will be selected very early in the upcoming NFL Draft.


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2 hours ago, NDhoosier said:

Would be a huge surprise, I almost thought like things had cooled down with Caleb Downs, but then he did lock in that visit for BG Game pretty early on.

Yeah. I think he's a hard pull with the level of connections he has at UNC but swing for the fence. 

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13 hours ago, Big23Head said:

Yeah. I think he's a hard pull with the level of connections he has at UNC but swing for the fence. 

True, but this staff is closing on athletes they "didnt have a shot with." This staff is truly amazing when it comes to recruiting.

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