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Official: Marcus Freeman Named Next Irish Head Coach


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  • SpeedsterX changed the title to Freeman is going to be ND's new Head Coach

I get it Speedy, I wanted Fickle too initially for all the boxes he checked.  Like you I'm also worried about a first time coach here given past history which was not kind to us.  We will see.  Freeman will have my support and hope going forward.  Time will tell.  Selling past greats, current players, and recruits on what he will do is a big factor.  I can't remember any previous hire since Lou who had this much support/excitement propelling him into this job.  That's a good thing imo.

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  • NYGoldenDomer changed the title to Breaking: Notre Dame DC Marcus Freeman to be Named Next Irish Head Coach

I didn’t want Freeman as coach. But, now that he is and Rees is staying, I’m probably going to be more of a fan of ND football than I have been in years. 

These guys are going to be the young, dynamic coaches that recruits will love. 

I hope and pray that two games go the way ND needs this weekend so ND gets into the CFP. I honestly believe these guys can win a game. I never had belief that Kelly could. Free of his constraints, for one game, in these circumstances, I think ND could beat any team ranked above them. 

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