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Fortuna TWEET from BK presser on his job status

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Just now, coltssb said:

Better to squash that now. Because people will be in the ear to all these recruits.

Sounds like to me, only way he leaves is you have to pay him. And pay him like no other. 

Yeah It also says to me Paqui and BK just built a house in South Bend and Paqui(Brian's wife) has worked hard to build a branch of their Kelly Cares Foundation in South Bend and if BK uproots his family Paqui would have a VERY LARGE say in the matter and the way it felt to me and you can listen to it in the other thread they have VERY LITTLE desire to pack up and move again.

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11 hours ago, NYGoldenDomer said:

What did he say about Herbie?  I didn't hear any mentions. 

 Just that USC was using names to act as "smoke screen" so the media like Herbie didn't know where USC was actually looking for a coach. Kelly was saying that USC basically wanted Herbie to think Kelly was a candidate. so they could interview people without media coverage.

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8 minutes ago, NYGoldenDomer said:

Oh ok I did hear that, didn't realized it was directed at Herb.  I guess I missed that.

thats the tricky part of these press conferences. The person asking the questions isn't given the same level of audio as the head coach. You hear it bearly on the long version on the other thread. 

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