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[GIFs Only] How do you currently feel about this team / season?


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1 hour ago, piratey said:

Doing pretty great! Got up in the pressbox for a few games this year and the post game pressers. Actually had a clandestine chat in the tunnel with Kelly...

We're up to three now kiddos now.

This is our Legendary Gif poster @Mike  Piratey, Mike's the new owner, very nice guy. Mike, Piratey is the author of "Piratey's Positively perfect Picture post" which became an absolute favorite of mine here on DomerDomain. Piratey the new software seems to allow gifs to be a part of our expressions. You are amazing, as you really introduced me and I'm sure others to this form of expression.

Thank you for brilliance. Congratulations for your accomplishments and family!

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