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ND remains at #14 even though 4 teams in front of them lost

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I agree that we are ranked about where we should be with our record.  This team could go 11-1 and play on New Year's Day or it could end up 9-3 or 8-4.  We are better than every team we have left, but that does not mean that we won't beat ourselves in a game or two.  

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3 hours ago, Green Goblin said:

I mean, it is definitely a sign that they do not respect Notre Dame.

Things will shake down in the coming weeks. ND just has to win. The b10 are about to devour itself. Oklahoma and State have to play each other. The SEC still has a lot of quality teams that have to play each other. The only problem I see is Cincy. If they lose disqualifies ND no matter what. But even with a Cincy winning, ND has no shot at the playoffs. Alabama and Georgia are going to be ahead of ND regardless. You have Cincy who will be ahead no what. The b10 winner will be ahead. If Oregon keeps winning they will be ahead. So the best Nd can do is a NY6 bowl. Which I’m completely fine with. As someone mentioned, just not against Alabama or Ohio Stare please. I’ll take any other team but those two. 

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These seem to be lazy picks as a few of the projections have rematches from this season. (Cincy UNC Wisconsin) UNC probably going to the toilet bowl if they get BE.

Not sure where all of the tie ins with are new half assed ACC deal but here were some pre-season projections. Chick Fila - Peach - Fiesta & Camping World.

I really want a chicken sammich after reading this article.

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We are 13th but we are not a top 10 team.

We can win out, but I don't think this team has it in them unfortunately. We have really talented players but all the pieces are not there by far. 

We should be really good next year and the year after that. 

All the teams we play from here on out have the potential to just out right beat us or upset us. 

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