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Updated 2023 Top 247


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ND Commits

Brenan Vernon (DL): 4-star, #65 overall (down 26 spots)

Keon Keeley (Edge): 4-star, #100 overall (up 116 spots)

ND Targets

Kadyn Proctor (OL): 4-star, #11 overall

Sonny Styles (S): 4-star, #12 overall

Dante Moore (QB): 4-star, #17 overall

Duce Robinson (TE): 4-tar, #30 overall

Drayk Bowen (LB): 4-star, #48 overall

Carnell Tate (WR): 4-star, #57 overall

Luke Montgomery (DL): 4-star, #59 overall

Jaxon Howard (ATH/TE): 4-star, #70 overall

Justice Haynes (RB): #4-star, #87 overall

Avery Johnson (QB): 4-star, #149 overall

Justyn Rhett (CB): 4-star, #151 overall

Christian Gray (CB): 4-star, #166 overall

Adon Shuler (ATH/S): 4-star, #200 overall


It's extremely early, so these rankings are subject to change, as are the players ND is targeting. There were a ton of guys in the Top 247 that ND is recruiting, but I tried to keep the list limited to guys I know ND is in really good shape for (i.e., top group or leading). As it stands now, I like ND to land Styles, Bowen, Tate, Montgomery, Rhett, and Shuler (commits in 2 weeks). The guy ND needs the most is Dante Moore. ND needs an elite QB this cycle and ND is in his top group - need to figure out a way to win that one (battling Michigan and Ohio State).

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