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30 plays in 30 days poll  

6 members have voted

  1. 1. Play 30(ND vs Pitt 2012)

    • Golson to Daniels after scramble
    • Golson 2 pointer to tie
    • Golson to Riddick
    • Other- please comment below

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I love Countdown projects to start the season.


So I figured I'd start a 30 plays in 30 days countdown next Sunday.


In order to do that I needed a reference point. So on Youtube I found this  top 10 games list. 


If we order 3 plays from each of these 10 games we get to 30 days. Figured since ND vs Pitt 2012 was 10 on the youtube video we'd start there. 


So your interest in this project will determine how far it goes but I thought it would be fun.


Basically two threads.

1. this one where we vote on the play(I'll change the poll daily or so)

2. a countdown that will start I think next Sunday has that is  or might be the 30 day mark(help me with  the correct date)


If it fails, I'll order the plays, I just thought it might be a fun concept)


Thanks, sorry if it bugs you in advance.



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