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BBQ Unofficial Visit [7/27]:

MI QB Dante Moore (Offer)

IN LB Drayk Bowen (Offer)

OK WR Micah Tease (Offer)

MO CB Christian Gray (Offer)

GA LB Troy Ford (Offer)

NJ S Adon Shuler (Offer)

FL DL Derrick LeBlanc (Offer)

OH OL Joshua Padilla (Offer)

MA LB Preston Zinter (Offer)

TX S Mikal Harrison-Pilot (Offer)

FL WR Raymond Cottrell (Offer)

FL CB Malik Muhammad (Offer)

PA ATH Rodney Gallagher (Offer)

IN DL Kendrick Gilbert (Offer)

FL S King Mack (Offer)

NJ CB Moussa Kane

IL ATH Kaden Feagin

NY DL Tyriq Blanding

NC TE Jack Larsen (2024)

PA LB Anthony Speca (Offer, 2024)

CA DL Hero Kanu (Offer)

OH DL Brenan Vernon (ND Verbal)

PA DL Donovan Hinish (ND Verbal)

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Big….or whoever….


who are the must’s in this group? ND has to get.

who do we have to make up ground with?

who did we make up ground with?

is there a silent you can’t comment on?  Ok the last one is a joke but c’mon!

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50 minutes ago, coltssb said:

Crickets?  Any word about anything at this event?

No knowledge of anything but it did appear that most of the important recruits were in the 2023 class. As a result, probably no short-term news but it was good to get a cluster of Top 100-type of prospects together on campus. Hoping that ND becomes a "cool" choice for top recruits who want to play with other elite players.

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4 hours ago, coltssb said:

Crickets?  Any word about anything at this event?

As jbrown_9999 said, most of the recruits were in the 2023 class, so no immediate good news besides positive reports. The biggest positive is that 5-star QB Dante Moore was there, and it sounds like he had a great time. It was his second visit to ND, and I think ND is a real player. Michigan was the (early) perceived favorite, but it seems like ND and OSU are there as well. Need to land a 5-star QB in 2023.

For short-term news, look for ND to add Top 100 WR C.J. Williams on Sunday, as he is announcing. And I would expect Top 125 WR Tobias Merriweather to commit in August as well. On the downside, 3-star WR Amorion Walker visited Michigan last week. Wouldn't be shocked to see him decommit (nothing I've read from others, but usually not a good sign for a committed player - it also sounds like ND didn't learn about this visit until after the fact).

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