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June 2021 OVs Round 2

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Round 2 starting shortly. Cheeks and Martinez no longer visiting, should be a clear indication of things to come…


Official Visit [6/18]:

PA RB Nicholas Singleton (Offer)

IA S Xavier Nwankpa (Offer)

WI OL Carson Hinzman (Offer)

NJ CB Jayden Bellamy (Offer)

NV DL Cyrus Moss (Offer)

TX WR Nicholas Anderson (Offer)

MA WR Elic Ayomanor (Offer): 247 Composite NR

OH OL Aamil Wagner (Offer)

WI OL Joe Brunner (Offer)

IA TE Eli Raridon (ND Verbal)

GA TE Holden Staes (ND Verbal)

MI LB Nolan Ziegler (ND Verbal)

NJ QB Steve Angeli (ND Verbal)

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1 hour ago, jbrown_9999 said:

Who is the guy in the lower right corner who makes Wagner look no so impressive? (I know that Wagner is listed at 6'6" 265 so will need to grow into his frame)


I believe it is the OL grad assistant, big dude. I cannot remember his name.

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