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Jameson Williams?

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But since Kelly has said that he now realizes that ND needs to score more points (14 points or less in 4 playoff games not cutting it), won't Kelly's 2021 offense be much more explosive than Alabama's? Plus Jameson will be a junior so he might not have to sit on the bench for two seasons before catching a pass at ND.

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Faith, Ignoring academics, I was trying to point out that Alabama is considered a much more desirable destination for WRs since Saban figured out back sometime between 2012 and 2014 that he needed to change his offensive scheme and started to recruit (& DEVELOP) the QBs and WRs needed to run a new high powered offensive scheme as a result.


As a result, Saban now consistently develops first round talent at QB and WR (note that Mac Jones was a 3 star)

Unfortunately, it appears that Brian Kelly is just know acknowledging in 2021 that ND's offense is too underpowered to win a play-off game and that the Irish now need to be able to score more than 14 points to be competitive.  I guess better late then never.


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I guess we run more RPO's then. But if they have Access to every player and our coaches don't even if we run the exact same scheme, its hard, not impossible but hard. Stanford doesn't Win Football Championships either. I don't know what the answer is but I know its an uphill battle. ND has replaced Stanford as the best high academic football program now the last 3 or four teams play by NCAA rules but ND goes beyond that.

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