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2021 NFL Draft

FaithInIrish Forever

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2 hours ago, FaithInIrishForever said:

Its funny how things go sometimes. The Buffalo Bills(my pro team) actually promoted the right Panthers staff members in Sean Mcdermot and Brandon Beane. They draft Josh Allen(made up alot like Cam Newton) and Sean starts to put together his patented (Jim Johnson inspired) defense. They've hit on a number of draft picks and now Irish/NC state Corner Nick McCloud who improves any special teams unit from day 1.


I thank all Panthers fans for the Bills current success. Cheers to you, my friend Mike! :)

I knew the Bills got a good set. And they're probably my number 2 team since there's so many former Panthers and Panther staff over there. McDermott I knew would succeed. And Beane was the Panthers GM in training for years. And the Bills hired him literally a month / months before we left our GM go. I'm still a little bitter about that. Carolina messed that up big time, but the new GM for this year (from Seattle) has been making all the right moves so I have a reason to be optimistic again.


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On 4/30/2021 at 12:06 AM, EddieAngel said:

Surprised that JOK fell out of the first.  More surprised at the LBs who went ahead of him.  Thoughts?


I see a lot of LBs listed as DEs maybe that is part of it. 

Sheffter reported Wu fell in draft because of a heart issue.

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Shocked Book went so high in the 4th round to Saints.

Hear Peyton asked Bill Parcells for advice and Parcells told him he always would go with a QB who stayed in school and earned their degree first over all others. Said those guys weer the most mature and ready to go.

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