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Jack Coan

Drew Pyne

Tyler Buchner


Impressed with Coans arm. and accuracy.

Pynes heart, Pyne getting first team reps too

Buchner knocking off the rust well.

 O-LINE not finished

Kyren needs the ball as a pass receiver.

Mayer has even more ability(referenced Tyler Eifert in 12)

Get Mayer 1 on 1


get redzone to where it was om 3rd down

good when we ran we forced the pass

throws don't have to score

1 on 1 matchups


Lawrence Keys highlighted

Avery Davis leader

Lenzy coming on.

WR have speed, young guys need attention to detail


create space

attack vertically

manage the situation

take advantage of defenses motion and match-ups


learned a ton from calling plays

when you wanna atack

tommy learned to be aggressive but efficient. Right look, go deep, wrong look get a completion


looking at call sheet, getting a shorter play sheet, so kids can get details.

more speed 

better running backs

heck of tight end

more speed

more time with players

go deep, players need space.

make big plays


Takacs taking the next step both blockng and passing

kevin bauman getting there

mitchell evans, movement skills

berrong is a slot who moves


QB comp until fall camp

Player led activity, may and june

in camp we'll have an identity


jack plays within the pocket, down the field

not the runner

better in the pocket


mayer getting evan more spots to play and get 1 on 1.

hand placement in blocking

still learning

weight room, larger plan


Tommy rees is focused on football

do not have offensive line

looking for best ways to help players to make plays


been exposed to great defensive coaches like clark lea

freeman carying on the tradition pushes Rees

seeing freemans multiple fronts which helps.

never ending quest to get better


still note taking



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