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CF programs ready to make the next step

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Article not specifically about ND. I thought it was a fun read for anyone that loves CF. And I am sure everyone has any opinion about this article. ND better be ready for USC this year, looks to be the toughest match up in years. I’m glad it is at home.


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Based on recruiting, I totally can see Texas, Texas A&M, USC, Oregon, and Miami "taking the next step".  Unfortunately form A&M, they're in the SEC so it's unlikely they'll really take that step until St. Nick is gone.  Miami could get to a point where they scare Clemson.  USC and Oregon recruit really well and pretty much only have to beat each other.  I don't see Nebraska, UCLA, or Ole Miss taking that step.  

You're so right about USC.  They have recruited very well.  Talent abounds.  Playing them Oct 23, followed by North Carolina the following week, will be pretty tough.

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Good article - thanks for sharing. I think A&M and Oregon will take that next step and make the CFP in the next 2-3 years. Oregon for sure - because of the way they've recruited under Cristobal and because they have an easier path in the PAC-12. A&M definitely has a harder road, but they have a ton of talent and almost made it last year. I can see them beating Bama based on how well they've recruited over the last few years.

USC, Miami, and Texas are below those two for me. Those schools obviously attract talent, but they've been down for so long that it's hard for me to see them as true CFP contenders. I'd say Texas is probably the best of that bunch based on what Sark did at Alabama and the fact that Texas has a ton of inherent advantages (recruiting base, institutional support, money, etc.).

Nebraska and UCLA. No comment...

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