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Nicest Power 5 College Campus Rankings

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Stanford's campus is okay, but #2?    A ton of concrete, not nearly as green as ND or others on the list.  Duke has a beautiful campus.  University of Washington is very nice.  Ann Arbor is okay.  Haven't been to a lot of campuses so it's hard to know.  

I DO know ND has an absolutely wonderful campus; hard to imagine a prettier campus.  

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Is the USC campus that great?  I know it is in a sketchy neighborhood, but I guess that doesn't mean it can't be a nice campus....


I will say that the Texas Tech campus is pretty nice.  I'm surprised to see it that far down.

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Everyone I know who has been to USC says it's a beautiful campus.  Apparently they're even upgrading the surrounding neighborhood.

I've only been to Lubbock once, and that wasn't for a game.  Never been to Tech.  Maybe that's the issue.  Maybe a lot of fans from outside the state don't travel to that relatively isolated place?  

TCU's campus has undergone a MAJOR upgrade during the Patterson era.  No way it would have happened without their team being successful.  The change has been dramatic.

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