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Ticket Exchange Rules


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1. New Ticket Listings need to be made via the Classifieds section of the forum (found in the main menu)
2. Listings are free for everyone. VIP Supporters have the option to create a Featured listing for free.
3. When there is a new listing, a topic will be made automatically in this forum. Members are open to respond to topics here. 
4. If the ticket is sold and paid for via the website, there is a 10% commission from the sale that goes to the website's costs.
5. You are welcome to discuss payment in private, as well as meet-up if you prefer. If you sell the tickets outside of Domer Domain, please make sure to mark the listing as 'Sold' afterwards. There will be no fees if you choose to bypass the website.

Any questions, please reply here!

Thanks :) 

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Just an update, but the ticketing system in its current state didn't get a ton of use, nor did it bring any revenue into the site. I updated this thread so regular members can make new threads / list as they wish. All negotiations will be between members and the website isn't liable for any scams. Please be safe and only trade with someone you trust.

We can re-evaluate the ticket exchange going into the 2022 season.

Thanks everyone!

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