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Weight Gains (& Shrinkage) in 2021 from 2020

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Looking at the latest roster and comparing it to last season's, most numbers are the same but there are some differences:

Players who got "shorter":

Jordan Johnson WR - from 6-2 to 6-1 5/8

Clarence Lewis CB - from 6-1 to 5-11 1/2

Michael Mayer TE - from 6'5 to 6-4 1/2

Tosh Baker OL - from 6-10 to 6-8

Significant weights gains (not a single player lost weight)

Isaiah Pryor S - 5 pounds from 199 to 204

Alexander Ehrensberger DL - 5 pounds from 247 to 252 (I would have thought he would have gained more)

Chris Tyree RB - 9 pounds from 179 to 188

Aidan Keanaaina DT - 10 pounds from 302 to 312

Clarence Lewis CB - 12 pounds from 180 to 192

Michael Mayer TE - 14 pounds 235 tp 249

Rylie Mills DL - 14 pounds from 259 to 273

Jordan Johnson WR - 15 pounds from 180 to 195









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the 9 will really help Tyree as will the 15 for Jordan Johnson, same with Lewis who really looked strong at corner. Mayer gain suggest he will block more with Tremble Graduating. DT's seem to have gained too.


As for losses, a lot height are initially self-reported(estimated etc) so not surprised they change.

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I am personally conflicted on how I feel about Mayer gaining that much weight (14 lbs). He was playing so well at the position last year as a freshman. I just hope the weight gain does not affect his running, route running/agility, and ball skills.

Lewis "shrunk" quite a bit, lol. Although to honest, he played pretty well as a freshman and the size isnt too hurtful in this regard, I kind of expect big things from him. Same with Baker, "shrinking" from 6'10 to 6'8" is probably better, haha.

Excited to see the Johnson and Tyree weight gain.

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