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Drew Brees to be NBC color man next year for ND


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Will he tell us how it felt when Shane Walton "intercepted" him for a touchdown...and by intercepted, I mean, let the ball bounce off the ground and win an academy award for making people think he intercepted it...? Oh how I miss the days before replay. Hahaha.

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Heard that on the radio this morning.


Can't be worse than Flutie. Dungy knows football, but doesn't add much to the broadcast. Here's hoping.


He had signed a "retirement deal" with NBC for that role before this past NFL season to take effect whenever he retired. It was believed that he would do the ND games, as they only otherwise have the Sunday Night NFL game and the studio on Sunday night.


I, for one, enjoyed Dungy. Easy on the ears, imparted knowledge most of the time, and didn't necessarily overstep his areas of expertise. He always seemed excited to be at ND, too, which didn't hurt. A 3 man booth would be great, If those are the 3 involved.

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will be interesting to see how drew does. has NBC every asked joe theismann if he wants to do ND games? also wouldn't mind NBC bringing back pat haden, always thought he did a great job.


seeing drew brees in ND stadium will be strange, I always hated when drew would throw the bubble screen out to Vinny Sutherland that play always seemed to pick up 7 or 8 yards and ND never seemed to have an answer for it.

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