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At CIncy Freeman was a 3 down front and blitzed a inside backer or two alot.

AT ND Lea used 4 down and blitzed the rover fairly frequently


3 down is good pass defense

4 down is often good run defense


Freeman was able to stop the run with 3 down in the pass happy American Athletic Conference


ND will likely use both 3 and 4 down at times.


Which do you prefer?

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I am a 4-3 fan and always have been...Steel Curtain, Doomsday D, '85 Bears (their base alignment was a 4-3 and they shifted into the 46 with Dent and the OLBs Wilson and Marshall creating a hybrid 6-2 look with Singletary in the middle and Duerson or Bell in the box from the SS spot)...


I have always felt that the 4-3 was better overall and the 3-4 front was better to mask deficiencies or weaknesses through more exotic blitz packages.


In college, at ND's level, we should have a decided advantage (physical, not schematic!) on the lines, but to survive and thrive in a 3-4 base, you MUST have a dominant NT to suck up blockers and we have been less successful at that position in the past few decades. Ends, Linebackers have been good to great; DTs and NTs have been less stellar...


In short, I like a 4-3 look and scheme over the more personnel driven 46 or 3-4 looks historically...although in the modern college game, 3-3-5 and 4-1-6 are more often on the field against the spread and spread option attacks where power is less capable than speed. I'm not sure the pendulum will ever swing back to pure power football being ascendant across the sport...especially with HS football beginning to look more and more like the Joe Tiller invitational than a triple option slug fest...

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